Firmware updates?

I run HA on a Raspberry Pi, on which is installed my Z-wave controller. One of my Z-wave devices needs a firmware update.

I’ve read that the only practical way to do this is to move that controller temporarily to my Windows PC, and use a Windows application. That seems like a real PITA - and wouldn’t I then have to rebuild the whole network after I put the controller back on the RPi?

zwavejs2mqtt allows you to do firmware updates without having to monkey with a windows machine.

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Have controller updates been verified? Update available for my usb aeotec controller and was curious if update through zwavejs mqtt will more and not brick it

You can’t update controllers using zwavejs2mqtt. You’ll want to follow the Aeotec instructions.

zwavejs2mqtt supports OTA update (Over the Air) of other nodes, but not OTW (Over the Wire) controller updates.

It’s not the controller needing the update, but one of the devices.

Then you’ll be fine to just update it via zwavejs2mqtt.

I am facing the same issue.

Is there some kind of process guide to perform these updates?

Does this hold true for firmware updates of Fibaro ZWave devices? I thought that the only way these could be upgraded was via the Fibaro HomeCenter controller?

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It’s true for any Z-Wave device that supports OTA, as that is part of the Z-Wave standard. The problem with Fibaro is that they won’t give you the firmware files to update yourself.

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The device I wanted to update is from HomeSeer. I found out that for updates they only release encrypted .hex files, requiring you to buy their software to install them.

And from what I read on their forum, the update didn’t really solve the problems.

I’ve written off the device as a loss and won’t be buying anything from HomeSeer again.

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I think zwavejs supports these .hex files for OTA updates.

Sorry, but once again - is there some kind of step-by-step guide to perform a firmware update using the ZW JS MQTT interface?

I am somewhat technical so would understand if it is at least a bit above the very low-level tech instructions.


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bump. really like to update my Aeotec Motion Sensors is this possible via HA?

You can update them via zwavejs2mqtt.

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Does anyone know when this OTA firmware update option is comming to Z-wave JS?

It’s been implemented for quite some time now.

Where do I find that UI in JS?


I’ve never seen this advanced menu. Where is it?
I was expecting the function under devices…


@24zeven @flyize it’s only available in the ZwaveJS2MQTT addon.

Ahhh, that’s kinda what I thought. Thanks.