First Time Homematic to Homeassistant

it is my first time with the Homeassistant, I want to link to My Homematic, but how?
I don´t want to run the Homeassistant and the Homematic von the same PI.

Thanks for Help

Do you have a CCU or a RF-device for homematic.
A RF-device could be something like.

  • HM-MOD-RPI-PCB (HmRF + HmIP wireless)
  • RPI-RF-MOD (HmRF, HmIP wireless + HmIP Wired)
  • HmIP-RFUSB (HmRF, HmIP wireless + HmIP Wired)
  • HmIP-RFUSB-TK (Telekom Version, only HmIP wireless, Firmware Updates not possible, features not complete)
  • HM-CFG-USB-2 (only HmRF and not with ARM64)
  • HM-LGW-O-TW-W-EU (only HmRF)
  • HB-RF-USB (dependent on radio module)
  • HB-RF-USB-2 (dependent on radio module)
  • HB-RF-ETH (dependent on radio module)

I would say most users here run Homematic from the same Pi and it works great.
I personally use Debmatic with a USB stick from the Homematics main distributer.
This setup can run on its own Pi if you want, but I run it on the host system and then have Home Assistant Supervised running in a docker on that host system.
Debmatic is a port of the original CCU3 code, so it is completely compatible, but Home Assistant also have an addon called RaspberryMatic that emulate the CCU software (I think it is CCU3 now, but earlier it was only CCU2 and that is why I am using Debmatic currently). RaspberryMatic still need a RF-device though.

i have the ´RPI-RF-MOD running on a PI3B there is installed my CCU // RAPSIMATIC.
So I make a backup on my CCU und change the SD Cards on the PI. No my HomeAssistant Card is running on my Raspbimatic PI.
I installed the Plugin on my HomeAssistant and loaded the CCU Backup back.
The Devices are there, but I can’t toggle something…the ADDON can’t find my GPIO RF Device…

I am not using RaspberryMatic, so I do not know what could be the cause.

The RaspberryMatic development site do have a lot of info, but it is in german.
If you know german, then here is the link to the support: Support · jens-maus/RaspberryMatic Wiki · GitHub

I really don’t know anything about homematic, but you may be interested in this thread