Fix "Cgroup version" and "apparmour" issues on home assistant supervised

Following this guide:

At the end it worked, on a raspberry pi 4 8gb, but still there are some errors that apparently are expected, which are these:

I know that doing this basically hasn’t any official support, but has anyone managed to fix those problems? Doing some more research I found out that for fixing the docker CG group issue, the grub and the boot file need to be modified, but when I “modified” the grub file, I basically created a new file, since on raspbian OS a grub file isn’t needed at all, and in second place, I found out that the boot of raspbian is likely completely different to a normal debian boot, so basically neither the apparmour nor the hierarchy config are being applied, so basically this is expected. Im aware that by doing this probably will just end breaking the whole OS but if anyone has managed a way out of this problems, please let me know. Thanks!

Raspbian is not a supported OS.
Only Debian are.