Flashing Sonoff Switchman M5 White (Matter version)

I recently purchased these:

I have a bunch of the m5 grey and I’ve successfully flashed them all with Tasmota
This one however, I can’t flash.

I get the error:
ESP Chip Auto-Detection Failed

Looking at the ESP chip on the new white model it says:

The grey model says:

Anyone able to assist?

The bootloader’s locked for these chips for the M5 to be matter certified devicies

Same thing with the sonoff mini matter version

Thanks, so there’s no flashing them at all then?

Yeah, but technically you can still swap with another esp32
But since there’s no daughter board with m5s
You’ll need to use hot air and some smd soldering skills like these guys did


I have been trying to flash the 2 gang matter version for weeks. I ordered the 3 gang version, basing it on the fact I mustn’t have been doing it properly and thinking that one of the buttons was connected to ground to assist in getting it into boot mode.
I got the same result, can’t get into boot mode.
In my journey, I did see an interesting message about putting ‘gpio0 high’ from the console to enable download mode
“Download mode is disabled. Restart with GPIO0 high.”
.Trying this also failed.

Thanks for this - Do you have the reference to where you got this info?