Flex-table-card Christmas edge case!

Really weird…I’ve been playing with CCH and all was sort of working but then I noticed my cards on my default view appear briefly below the ‘badges’ then disappear?!

Just like this question

I removed CCH and deleted references to it from my raw lovelace config but still the issue persists? The other tabs are absolutely fine, and no matter how many hard refreshes I do, all the cards briefly appear and then vanish.

And this is across tablets, laptops and iPhones, so I don’t think it’s an adblocking thing.

Thank you and Happy Christmas!!

EDIT: turns out it’s the flex-table-card, I’ve removed my ‘next train’ card and now it works OK. Wonder if it’s some Christmas edge case?!

"Cannot read property 'map' of undefined at transpose (flex-table-card.js:4)"

Yes, I think it’s an error when there aren’t any trains leaving…