Flo Smart Water Leak Detector

I’ve ignored integrating my Flo water monitoring system for a few months, but finally just decided to bite the bullet and implement a custom component today. This component adds support for the Flo smart water monitoring and control devices. Flo is typically installed on the main water supply line and has sensors for flow rate, pressure, and temperature as well as shut off capabilities. Water shut off can be done manually, remotely, as well as automatically by Flo’s emergency monitoring service when a leak is detected.

For installation instructions, see https://github.com/rsnodgrass/hass-flo-water

Currently supported sensors:

  • water flow rate (gpm)
  • water pressure (psi)
  • water temperature (F)

This looks great and Flo is a top priority purchase for me. How do you like it?

Flo is pricey…but it did indicate to me that there was a leak (which I then found) when I installed. Further, it also detected when my pressure regulator started failing and letting too many psi into my house…which would have starting causing leaks.

My home insurance company gave me a discount since I subscribed to Flo’s Plus plan which has automated monitoring of leaks with remote shutoff. This discount will pay for the Flo device within 3 years…so even though it is pricey, if your insurance company gives you a discount off your home insurance for having monitoring this isn’t as big of a deal.

The only annoying thing is that Flo automatically tests the sensor nightly at around 2am, shutting the valve on and off. Our bedroom is right next door and it wakes me up some times. I’m going to put some insulation in our utility room which hopefully will quiet the noise a bit. Alternatively I was thinking of putting it on a timer switch and shutting off power at 2am…there is no way to disable the auto testing. But you can do manual testing through the app (and hopefully one day through Home Assistant if I or someone figures out the API call for triggering that). Then I could schedule the Flo tests only when I am in Away from the house.

I’ll be curious to see how others display or use this water pressure, flow rates, etc in their own Home Assistant instances.

Thank you for this!

I’ve been trying to get the Flo people to add local integration and they seem receptive but other voices would be great. This was one of the few integrations I was missing and the addition of on/off would be great as I plan to integrate Flo with my leak sensors and was going to do it though IFTTT which was not ideal.

That Github link is dead now… do you have an updated one? Thanks!

Sorry Tim, I updated it in the post to https://github.com/rsnodgrass/hass-flo-water. HACS required moving it into its own repository

can you do total water used for the month? /day?

Hey David, Flo doesn’t expose this data currently, though they do have through their web UI the total use for the day so it MAY be possible to get that daily (or weekly total) attribute. I’ll put it on the list for an eventual add to the sensor.

I’ll eventually invest in one of these cause in California we will be limited to water use in a couple years

Released version 2.0.0

  • uses the new Flo cloud API V2
  • added ability to turn on/off water control valve
  • sensor readings are now more current (not averaged)
  • less service calls to update state for sensors/switches (one per refresh interval)
  • support for multiple Flo devices and locations
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Thanks for putting this integration together! Dumb question, how do I turn on/off the valve with automation? I’m using Node-RED.

Never mind. I found the commented configuration for this in the services.yaml file. Un-commented, restarted HA, and called the switch.turn_on / switch.turn_off services with the switch.flo_water_valve entity id. Works great. Thanks!

I updated to the latest release (2.0.7 through HACS), and for whatever reason, I am no longer able to control the valve with Home Assistant. I did need to swap out my device with a replacement since I last tested this, so I’m not ruling out some weird things there, but I only have one device active on my account and all the other data comes through just fine (pressure, temperature, etc). I’m just not able to call the switch.turn_on or switch.turn_off services and have the valve actually move. Any help would be appreciated. I know this is a work-in-progress and Flo is constantly changing things.

Just installed via HACS. Everything seems to work except the water consumption is value (last 24 hrs) is about 1300x what is in the app. Any ideas what is wrong?

Thanks for all your work in integrating this with Home Assistant. I noticed about a week ago that I can no longer turn the valve ON/OFF from Home Assistant. Prior to that, this switching has always been reliable and instantaneous (The other data, like pressure, flow rate & temperature almost never updated for me). Did Flo change something with the Public API ? Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Hi, just want to confirm this integration is dead? Ive been trying to get it to work for a while and it doesnt update and throws all sorts of errors in the log.

This is still working for me, other than the features that Flo has removed (e.g. water temperature was removed, and replaced by area temp…but this doesn’t appear in the JSON response to their services). Turning on/off the valve still does not work, but I think I found the issue in the pyflowater library (should be POST instead of GET).

Can you post your log errors?

I lost all of my sensors on an upgrade because location_id now appears to be a required parameter. I’d sure the python libs allow you to find these but I just used the chome dev console to search for ‘location’ ( https://api-gw.meetflo.com/api/v2/locations/ ) and copied the id from there… will try and make a PR for the docs now.

maybe this is why i couldnt get it to work, the docs say locaiton id is only needed for more than 1 house on an account.

are you sayiing now location id is needed for everyone?