Floor heat Thermostat

I have this to Day , but i want to have a smart One… any tips ?

I have:

You can try WarmUp thermostat.

I’m in the same boat and looking at these thermostats:

They all look as the same similar core with different displays/buttons but based on the same PCB (from what I can see from the images), i looks like they alle make use of the same BEOK-app to be controlled via wifi.

I hope that they can be made compatible with Home-Assistant but I haven’t been able to find much information about how it works so far.

I’ll let you know once I’ve received one.

I too am currently looking for simple wifi based solution that doesn’t cost me a fortune and this product seems to be the only one fitting those requirements. Does anyone here own one of these and could try if there is a way to control it without using their app? I would like to block its internet access.

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I’ve decided to go for this one via Aliexpress.com

Should work with the beok-app, will try and see if there is any other method to connect to it via wifi. However, I’m not a developer so don’t expect any miracles :wink:

It would be helpful if you could port scan it. Maybe there is an API open somewhere. I think I will buy the same. Any reason you didn’t buy it on Amazon? It’s cheaper for me.

In the meantime I found a thread of someone having access to an API that looks like it’s based on the same thermostat:


Nice find! Will definitely look into port scanning once its delivered to my home.
I didn’t buy it on Amazon because I had to pay a shipping fee of €13,50 and it would take several weeks so I figured it was easier to let China ship it directly to rather than via Germany haha.

The thermostat arrived last week and is working fine, instructions are clear.
I’m running the macOS Network Utility port scan now. The first result is that port 7681 is open however I cannot ping it via terminal.

You could try using their official app while sniffing for packets arriving at the thermostat. There has to be a connection when setting the temp for example. Have you ever used wireshark?

I also bought one now and wrote down some first conclusions in a thread on the OpenHAB forum as I use that solution. The thread is located here.

Thanks to some people on Github I can now control and read the thermostat easily with auto discovery via MQTT:

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Have I understood correctly, you have managed to get a wifi thermostat such as this to be viewed and controlled by home assistant (through mqtt)? if so would you be willing to write up how you did it? that would be fantastic

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I am using it with OpenHAB but yes it works and I would guess HASS has equal abilities to communicate with MQTT.

You need Python2 on your device running the script. So if you’ve installed it (make sure you also have the right python setuptools) you will need to install the broadlink python API fork from github.

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Execute “sudo python2.7 setup.py install”

Then you’re ready to download the MQTT bridge:

  1. Download this repository
  2. Execute “sudo pip install paho-mqtt”
  3. Edit the “broadlink-thermostat.conf” to your needs

Now you can start it via “python2.7 broadlink-thermostat.py” and it should start the discovery and push all discovered devices and their state to MQTT. If you wanna control it from HASS for example you can send MQTT messages to the following topic:


The command can be one of the following:

‘set_temp’ with the float value in the body

I also installed a systemd file so the bridge starts automatically and set the loop to around 3 seconds to let it update faster.


Hi all, looking into these thermostats myself, has anyone manged to get the communication working in Hass.io ?

interested for hassio aswell

I am interested in this budget floor thermostat topic as well. But as @typeonegative I am using Hassio, so custom component seems to be only option for me. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Hi Guys, I have Beok thermostat and Broadlink RM Pro. Do you have any suggestions how to pair?

Check out heatit’s z-wave controllers…

@ktpx Literally just searching for a z-wave solution to UFH controls and saw your link from only 13hrs ago, quite the coincidence!

Have you used any of their products? I’m looking to install 2-3 electric UFH matts, will probably use “warmup” or similar company. Preferably I would rather use a different controller, but their kits mostly come with their “smart” wifi version, we all know native z-wave is better though right :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea if these will be a correct replacement, if they would void warranties on the matt or could cause any other issues (using their own floor sensors etc) ?


No, I haven’t, but I’ve been thinking about using them in the new house, to replace the non smart ones that comes with the default install. Check compatibility with your mats/temp sensors (ask the manufacturer).