Folder structure not updated with latest release

I understand that with the latest version of HomeAssistant (HAOS 11.1 and Core 2023.11.2) there would be some changes to where configuration is stored - /homeassistant rather than /config. And addon configurations are also moved to addon_config.
However after updating I still have the same old structure - and now addons start to break since the look for configrations in places that doesn’t exist.

How / what can I do to enforce the new folder-structure? Or is it simply not rolled out yet - maybe some bleeding edge feature or what?

All my lights are controlled by ControllerX using App-deamon, and right now App-deamon wont start because (it seems) it requires the new folder structure…

The folder structure has not changed. The share names via SAMBA have changed.

…So it presents different to the addons

This is the post from Mike explaining the change and why

what we are finding is it matters if you’re trying to interact with core from context of an addon you may have to translate virtual paths if you were moving files inside the addon for use in core or another addon.

Before the change you might reference /config/local/Foo to drop something in the filesystem to be available for the web server but after the change (if your addon’s container has access to whatever folder it was in - now you can’t write everywhere with impunity - also has been an issue) an addon running on that same box must access that location now as /homeassistant/local/foo. (because /config in core is now /homeassistant as far as the addon is concerned)

So if you have a node red flow or maybe something running in Appdaemon that drops a file… That has to change. But no the filesystem is still what it was.


So what’s needed then to make the config load for the Addons? I still can’t make Appdaemon run since it’s looking for secrets.yaml in /config:
ERROR Error loading secrets file: /config/secrets.yaml - even though when I look in /config it’s most certainly there.
Looking at AppDaemon won't start - complains about secrets.yaml led me to think that there need be both an /addon_configs folder and a /homeassistant folder. I then got this screenshot from a fellow HomeAssister:

Which got me totally confused - since I have neither of the highlighted folders.

So I understand your explanation above - but I don’t know how to solve my issue. The aforementioned post mentions that I need to “1. Mount the new addon_configwhere all your old AppDaemon stuff is.” - how am I supposed to mount that?

My folder structure looks like this:


For appdaemon and this issue go to this thread - the answer is there if you don’t find it all the folks dealing with this are there and can help.

And if you’re a node red user reading this thread because yours is busted - go here:

It was the various tools not being up-to-date resulting in not seeing the new mouts, hence not being able to update appdaemon.yaml…
I now see the same folder structure as above and addons_config is read and edited therein :slight_smile:

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Awesome glad it’s sorted