For those that have a Tesla Car & HA integration or similar

Hi Everyone, for those that have a Tesla Car & HA integration or similar.

I see my Tesla Y sensors, data, I can turn on and off things and etc in HA but to be honest, I am not using a lot. It’s easier to use their App.

Question: does someone created some automation or something very cool based on these data or on this integration? That is not only see the car’s info?

Looking for ideas ….

A friend of mine has one, and he controls his charging limit (for overnight charging) based on his schedule (ex: over weekends he usually travels further so he ups the limit on Friday automatically and/or based on his google calendar entries)

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I use it for preheating the car as the app scheduling is to limited for my wife’s work schedule.

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For a reason that I can not do anything about, the breaker of my garage is limited to 30 amps. Therefore whenever I reach my home zone, the car’s charging limit is set to 20 amps (leaving a sufficient marging for the A/C, lights etc).
The same with a light going on for 5 minutes when the car comes home.

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If you have a Tesla wall charger, the charge current limit should be defined during setup/initialization of the charger (it asks you the size of the breaker it is connected to). Even if it is an aftermarket wall charger I’m surprised you cannot configure it to limit its current. That seems like a fire hazard waiting to happen. :grimacing:

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I use the car’s GPS location to automatically open my garage door when I get home, so that I don’t have to buy the HomeLink $350 opener. I also have it close when I leave, or I can bypass the auto-close if I leave the car in neutral for 3+ seconds after backing out of the driveway.


I have the Tesla mobile charger and I don’t think that it can be set at a limit automatically.
Without going into irrelevant details, there is no fire hazard.


We live in a cold climate so, based on Google Calendar entries, it will turn the climate control on prior to when we have to leave (based on the trip duration from Google maps direction) and it’ll be nice and warm when we do actually leave. This is all done through Node-Red.

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This is interesting to me …… thank you

Not a Tesla, but the same principals apply - this is my automation that checks the outdoor temperature when I’m headed home from work (by train), and fires the heating if needed. I have another that does the same but with cooling in the summer time. I also have an automation that gives me an actionable notification in the morning if it’s cold. “Are you going to work? It’s been cold outside last night, do you want the car heat to turn on?”

  - platform: zone
    entity_id: person.1
    event: leave
  - condition: time
    after: "13:00:00"
    before: "20:00:00"
      - mon
      - tue
      - wed
      - thu
      - fri
  - condition: state
    state: not_home
  - condition: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.outside_temperature
    below: 3
  - delay:
      hours: 0
      minutes: 8
      seconds: 0
      milliseconds: 0
  - service: notify.mobile_app_person1
      title: Triggering car heat
      message: "car heat on"
  - service:
    data: {}
      entity_id: button.car_activate_air_conditioning
mode: single
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I am trying to do exactly this, but mostly because I have a very irregular schedule (with regards to needing to drive). Could you share how you did this?

What tesla integration do you use? There are a number of options these days, but I also read about troubles with the API.

I’d like to charge my Tesla based on hourly energy prices and solar production.
It would also be nice to turn on the outdoor lights when I arrive home and possibly use a color to remind me to plug in the charger.

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I also would like to know what integration is used.
Useful automations can be charging based on low energy price, pre-heating/cooling based on agenda settings, defrost at departure in wintertime.

This is the most popular one and it was recently updated for the new Tesla fleet API (which most people will need to use):

However you need to be running HAOS to run the addon for the Tesla proxy. If you don’t run HAOS there is a docker container but it takes a bit more effort to set up.


Thanks for the info.

I just created an automation that lets my MY fart when a person is detected by my UIprotect doorbeel camera :wink:

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There is a single 20amp circuit (that I cannot modify or swap per my HOA) that feeds my detached garage. The garage has a ceiling mount outlet that powers the garage door opener and a Broan 170 wall heater (recently installed by the HOA) used to warm the water pipes above in the garage ceiling. If the car is charging from the wall outlet and the heater turns on, then I trip the circuit.

HA to the rescue!

I have an ESP32 unit in the garage running ESPhome that has a temperature sensor. I have an automation that monitors the temperature in the garage. If the temperature falls below a threshold AND the Tesla is plugged in but has not completed charging, it will stop charging the car and turn the heater on via a Kasa smart plug. As soon as the ambient temperature rises to a decent level, the heater turns off and the Tesla resumes charging. If the Tesla is done charging or is not plugged in the automation is free to turn the heater on whenever it needs to. Lastly, when the Tesla arrives home I turn the heater off and arm the temperature automation.

I’ve done the automatic garage door opening (also run through a relay connected to the ESP32) but that was kind of overkill for our usage. Now I just have tesla arrival notifications so when the wife gets home I quickly do all the crap she asked me to do that I put off. Also use arrival to turn on everything I’ve turned off when we get back from a road trip.

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I agree, model 3 here, the tesla app is much faster when your in a hurry.

Some things I did with it was setup an automation which would play a posh British male TTS broadcast on various Google speakers throughout the house if the battery level fell below 30%.

It also triggered HA notifications on each of our devices mentioning to charge the car (which the Telsa app actually lacks, you have to physically look at it).

Since early this week I am having problems with the Tesla Integration. It receives and shows any changes made in the car and in the Tesla Iphone App, but it no longer sends changes, made in the HA Tesla Integration, to the car. I twice removed the Integration and re-installed it and always updated the Refresh Token, but the issue persists. Anyone has a suggestion on what to do ?

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Same thing here …