functionality for multiple panels/planes

the integration is great - but currently it seems its not possible to configure for multiple panels/planes in the actual integration setup, even with a personal or professional api key?
eg. in my home i have two strings of panels facing different directions, both with differing kWp & inclination values. would be really cool to have the separate data sets available in home assistant - or maybe there is a way to add the integration twice?


I’ve just added 4 copies of the integrations for my 4 directions.
Then I sum them in template sensors.


Half of my panels are at a 45° inclination, the other half is at 30° (Same heading). Both sets go to a single inverter, which is undersized for the whole system (don’t ask me why). So I set one forecast to 45° and half of the inverter peak power and another one also half peak power and 30°. Now if I were to sum the results (say the total yield of a day) the result would be twice the amount I can actually produce. This integration is a cool idea, but needs more configuration options to be useful.

And yes, i am aware of the damping factor but from what I understand it’s meant for slight adjustments but this is way more than just slight

The figure you enter for the Total Watts, should be the wattage of the panels, not the size of the inverter? or are you trying to bring the forecast down due to the undersizing ? I’m not sure I’m following your setup ? could you give more details and actual numbers ?

Just going to throw my scenario into the mix, which sounds a bit complex but is probably fairly common.

I have 6.6kW of panels on a 5kW inverter. By far the most common modern configuration in my area as 5kW is the max inverter size permitted for a FIT, and oversizing regulation allow for a max of 6.6kW of panels for a 5kW inverter. My tight roof required my panels to be put at a number of different orientations (thank God I picked SolarEdge!!) but from what I can tell there’s no way to account for this in HA. I’m thinking that I can (as partially suggested above) add a configuration for each group of panels, sum the forecasts in a template, and set a ceiling of 5 kW. Not ideal though, especially when it comes to integrating with the energy dashboard.


We need to bring this up if they do another WTH month. There are multiple reports of this such as:

I also have this problem. Currently I just set the orientation to half way between the two and while the peak estimate is correct the start of the day is not and the adjustment factors available seem to only decrease the morning when I need it to increase… Would be great on the forecast config if you could specify mutliple strings (maybe just two - does anyone have more than that?) with the single inverter maximum… PR anyone?