Freeze everyday same time

I’ve been checking and found that my HA stops working at the same time everyday. Sometime between 12:30-1:00.

I want to say almost about 12:45 to be exact but it’s either up or down around that time. After 1:00 def stops.

I’ve replaced both the power supply and as card and it still happens. I’ve done a fresh install too.

It’s really strange. RaspPi 3. Latest HA. Zwave and sonoff switches. MQTT for sonoffs.

All of my timers are on the tasmota software. I have nothing setup to run at that time.

I can’t see a log because it’s frozen when I get to it.

Anyone else? Anyone have a fix?

I tried to have a home assistant restart setup around then to see if it helps but after the reboot it still froze. This happens if I have the reboot on or off.

I think it’s the zwave auto-heal. It happens at 12:30 if not disabled or time modified.

Auto-heal happens at midnight by default.

Do you have any automations that are time triggered at that time?

Unlikely, but what are your free memory and disk space like?

You should be able to see the entries in the log file directly by accessing it via samba or something similar before you restart HA again; just open it with a text editor.

Or via ssh.

Ok I’ll try to SSH tomorrow when it happens.

I do have ZWave though. Do you think that it’s the auto heal? Is there a way for me to see when it goes off?

Is there a way to disable it or fix this issue, also does disabling it have any negative effects.

Oh and I have no Automations going off at 12:30

Disk Space is 6.1%
Free Memory is 732

home-assistant.yaml (14.7 KB)

I disabled the Zwave in the configuration just to see. Today it happened to not freeze, but my log went crazy. I had to change if from .log to .yaml so I could upload. But something is def going on around 12:33pm everyday.

It seems as though it just disconnects then reconnects really quickly.

The first error is in relation to darksky. Try disabling it and see what happens (ie comment it out in configuration.yaml)

Is there something else on your network that does something about that time?

Just before your crash it looks like homeassistant suddenly loses a network connection and can’t update various things, I’m just wondering if you are having your local network flooded by something else and it’s ddos-ing homeassistant at the same time?

It could be DHCP leases going haywire when renewing.

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So my first and second power supply were bad. These little guys are so finicky when it comes to power.

Looks to be stable after just building one with good components.

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So It looks like the power supply wasn’t the issue. I’m still getting freezes. I swear it’s almost exaclty 24 hours from when I unplugged it. Does this happen to anyone else? I’m using Gargoyle Firmware on a TP-Link c7 Archer.

Kinda making me a little crazy. Haha. Is there a way to send some kind of log to a remote location or a way to monitor sources up until the freeze. I can’t ssh or anything. Lights are on, but no one is home.

So I think I figured it out. I don’t know if this is a bug or what, but I think it has to do with lease time set on a router.

Mine was set to 12 hours by default. I upped it to 48 hours and have made it past 24 hours for the first time.

Does that sound like a software issue? None of my other devices freeze

Set your Pi to a static IP via your router. If I recall they fixed the dhclient in the latest version of Raspbian.

I am suffering for similar problem, in the past couple of days my HA service stopped (only the HA service) every 12 hours in same intervals (12:00-13:00 & 00:00-01:00)
The log file is deleted because HA is reset, so i can’t look for any information about the problem, i have tried to search for something in the history tab but i only see the HA stop and start after 3 minutes.
I think it related to the new update, it happen after update from 0.81 to 0.81.6

I went around and around and around fixing problems. New sd card. A really expensive power supply setup for a rasp pi. Haha

The only thing that worked was the lease change in my router settings. Are yours set to 12hrs?

It’s been rock solid for the last 2 days. I’ll report in the next few if someone wants me to, but I’m hoping this was the resolution. It was maki g me crazy.

I had pi hole for 8 months prior to getting into home automation and the thing ran for the entire 8 months. So i know it’s not the hardware.

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Oh and I use static’s for all of my devices in my house.

I use 1440 min lease times, my Xbox One would start acting up like a Pi without a longer lease time too.

Ah ha!! Well then. Maybe that was my issue. I think I was having problems with my fire TVs as well. Hopefully this solves it all.

I’ve now set mi e to 48 hours. But my router reboots daily.