Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

like a zigbee button yes, will look into this tomorrow. I only need the silence for x minutes, say if I do something outside, the camera will go of like no tomorrow XD

Forgot to go to bed, so fixed this now instead. I did not understand what Boolean.turn of was ment for, but I made 1 automation start if x button was pressed and when pressed it would disable the Frigate notification automation and start a Helper(timer) + notify me that notifications for Camera’s had been turned of for x min.

2nd automation would look for when the timer would finish or if I went from Home to Not.home state, and when one of these criterias would be true, it would re-enable the automations for camera notifications and send me a notification that it’s turned on again.

Thank you for the example, it helped a bunch.

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You’re welcome! Glad you found a solution!

I didn’t explain that well. The first yaml is actually a script which is on my frigate Dashboard in an entities card. Because it’s a script I can just hit “run”.

It’s interesting to see how many different approaches there are to a solution. I think I have other automations built like yours. In my case I didn’t need to be able to see the time elapsed.

I built these scripts because my daughter’s flower cart looks too much like a “person” in the afternoon sun, and we were getting blown up. It speaks over the home speakers too, so every minute we’d hear “a person was detected at the driveway entrance” from our British assistant.

ah ok, Now I understand that a bit more, I’m still new to Home assistant, so trying to solve some things here and there, later down the line I may add a run button inside my HA Dashboard like you did, but one thing at a time.

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For sure! It’s quite a flexible platform and fun / frustrating to come up with solutions. Cheers and good rest to you!

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I’m having a problem where I will get a notification and when I click on the notification it will say “error: clip is not available”

This only happens on some cameras, not all. I am using frigate 0.14.

Hello, I have the following question or to better say, problem. I set up the frigate notifications for my iPhone. When using option „thumbnail attached“ it basically works, e.g. I get notifications on my iPhone that have a thumbnail on the right side. However when I use option „snapshot“ or „snapshot with bounding box“ nothing is added to the notification. I also don‘t see any action button with the notification. What am I doing wrong and how can I make it work as it should? Thanks a lot for your help.

First off all, thank you very much for this awesome blueprint.

I hoped for a high quality max resolution snapshot but unfortunately the screenshot will always be taken from the frigate detect stream. There is a workaround to take a snapshot from the onvif stream (e.g. “onvif://user:password@ip_of_your_cam:port?subtype=000&snapshot”) in the real camera resolution.

Is there a way to use this high resolution snapshot as an attachment of the notifications?
Maybe by replacing the URL “image: “{{base_url}}/api/frigate{{client_id}}/notifications/{{id}}/{{attachment}}{{‘&’ if ‘?’ in attachment else ‘?’}}format=android”” and/or “”{{base_url}}/api/frigate{{client_id}}/notifications/{{id}}/snapshot.jpg""?

Anyone tried adding a detection threshold in? I want to save let’s say 80% certainty events but only want notifications for 90%+ certainty on a detection

I have the same problem.

You have to long press for action buttons on ios

I think this happens for me too when the automation gets someway detection for example car in my yard, but frigate doesn’t. I have a zone where I park my car where I don’t want to get notified. I guess the automation is faulty with 0.14.

Hi team,

thanks @SgtBatten for the great blueprint :slight_smile:

Right now I use the 0.12.04a blueprint and frigate 14 beta 4.

Unfortunately, I get multiple notifications for the same detection/event. Thats my setting - anyone any idea what I did wrong?! :smiley:

alias: Frigate - Einfahrt
description: ""
  path: SgtBatten/Stable.yaml
    camera: camera.einfahrt
    update_sub_label: false
    notify_device: f31580477d9b9cbf360c4117facdf3bb
    attachment: snapshot.jpg
    cooldown: 20
    button_1: Live View
    tap_action: /ccab4aaf_frigate-proxy/dashboard
    url_1: >-
      | lower | replace('-','_')}}?token={{state_attr( 'camera.' ~ camera,      
    button_2: View Clip
    url_2: >-

You need to get run the 0.14 branch beta.yaml file from GitHub.

Oh boy, how do I import that as a blueprint?! :smiley:

Update: Got it - forget the stupid question :smiley:

You don’t actually.

Nothing major changed with the new frigate version that stops the old one working.

Frigate o.14 I introduces reviews though which is what the new blueprint will use going forward. I still have 90% of my automations using the old current blueprint.


Multiple notifications or just lots of updates to the same notification? Only the latter would make sense and that’s by design. You would need to turn some things off to reduce it.

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What are those some thing to turn off? Now really can’t use this because it’s sending snapshots of my car in the parking place even I have masked it off.

Hi I am running.frigate 13 and blueprint 12.0.4, my notifications work great for a while and then suddenly stop, if I restart HA it all works again for a while before stopping. Looking at the frigate events they are being detect ok it’s just the notifications that stop anyone seen this sort of.behaviour before? Have debug turned on if any of the logs will help

Masks don’t stop object detection or tracking.

Please refer to the frigate docs