Frigate Mobile App Notifications

thank you again for your effort.

This is awesome updates, thank you!

Have you thought about also adding the ability to include a live stream of the camera in the notification and/or a link to the live stream? That’s something I’m trying to figure out how to do right now.

Hi Jan.

Please private message me your latest frigate.yml as well as the automation configuration and a screenshot of all entities that appear when you type “camera.c” on the home assistant entities page located at settings>devices and services (darkish blue)>entities.

I’ve had a look at the frigate docs and there is an rtmp url you could use in theory but it requires you to setup external access to frigate (e.g reverse proxy (safe) or port forwarding (not so safe)), so not as straight forward.


Is it possible to add a link to this in the notification? absolutely. is it going to work for most people easily? not so much.

That’s all i’ve found so far.

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it works now.

Many Thanks

I recently installed HA with frigate. Camera works fine, events also, but I have a problem with configuring notification via blueprint for my mobile phone.

My frigate config:

  user: mqtt-user
  password: XXX

  fronthome: # <------ Name the camera
      #input_args: -avoid_negative_ts make_zero -fflags +genpts+discardcorrupt -rtsp_transport tcp
        - path: rtsp://
            - record
            - clips
      enabled: false # <-- RTMP should be disabled if your stream is not H264
      width: 1920 # <---- update for your camera's resolution
      height: 1080 # <---- update for your camera's resolution
      enabled: True
      timestamp: False
      bounding_box: True
        default: 2

     type: cpu
     type: cpu


- id: '1667147262331'
  alias: FrigateNotification
  description: ''
    path: hunterjm/frigate_0.10_notification.yaml
      camera: fronthome
      notify_device: a3cc949b3ac83c8357b7cc5693caef94


Additional info:
Frigate version: 0.11.1-2eada21
Blueprint: 0.10.0
It is a fresh HA + frigate install. Ha is hosted on Virtualbox on x86-64 machine. Frigate was installed via Hacs store.

Does anyone knows what I missed? Why automation is never fired? Could I provide more info?

Try this fix, or use my one which is linked in this thread.

Fix worked, thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile: Now I receive notifications

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to use this blueprint to trigger a separate automation?
For Halloween, I have a fog machine that is controllable from HA. I’d like to use this blueprint, which I already use for general detection, to also trigger the fog machine when someone is detected.

Would I have to change the blueprint or does HA have a way to detect when an automation is triggered and use that to trigger another automation?

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Use the automation triggering as a trigger for another automation that turns on you smoke machine.

  - platform: state
      - automation.car_on_carpark_frigate
    from: "off"
    to: "on"

I think that should do it.

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Hi guys, I’ve just installed this Blueprint on my Home Assistant running on an Unraid VM.

Each time I click ‘Run’, it appears to run then becomes immediately ‘Unavailable’. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the Frigate integration installed. Frigate runs on a separate Docker.

This is my automations.yaml:

- id: '1667261906958'
  alias: Frigate Notification (0.10.0)
  description: ''
    path: hunterjm/frigate_0.10_notification.yaml
      camera: Driveway
      notify_device: 8ee84f1e29ac3882ee377d8f610ca4c9
      critical: true
      update_thumbnail: true
      - person
      - driveway_people
      zone_filter: true

You can’t trigger it (run) manually. It requires information from MQTT. You will need to walk in front of your camera to make it trigger.

If you are using frigate version 0.11 you need to apply the fix posted several times in the past weeks, otherwise it will error.

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I’m trying to manage telegram notification using Nodered, but I still didn’t succeeded.
Can you share your flow ?

If you use MQTT explorer and monitor your events, you can copy the MQTT message from the event you are interested in and then publish it to your MQTT server.

This will trigger the automation for you and save you the trouble of walking in front of the camera.

Very useful for fault finding.

Ahh interesting, just retransmit a message. Nice one!

Thanks but it appears I’m using Frigate 0.10.1-83481af.

How do I check if my MQTT server is operating correctly?

Thanks, I’m using ‘Mosquito broker’ which must be working to a certain extent because Frigate is starting normally. How do I determine the MQTT messages associated with my desired event?

You need to start by downloading MQTT Explorer.

Then log in to your Mosquito broker and watch the messages arriving.

You’ll see something like this:

Copy the Event value from the right and then publish it back to your broker to trigger your automations.

Is there a way to set it so there is a button on the notification that opens up the live camera in frigate instead ?

I know you can set it to open up lovelace panels but HA is very clunky and unreliable with that sort of thing.

Seems like theres a problem with Frigate, you cant reference directories like /events/ or /cameras/camera from HA ingress.

The HA api only has a few endpoints, so you would need to expose frigate directly to the internet and use that url if desired.

I’m planning to add a custom button to the blueprint but not sure the best way to do it that will work for most people. Probably need to point it to the frigate tab in home assistant.