Frigate Mobile App Notifications

I just ended up making a bunch of lovelace panels with a frigateCard for each camera. Its true the events browser for the frigateCard is ugly but its the best we got until they fix it up. I hear the changes for frigateCard are going to be much faster & look nicer. Just woulda been much easier if i could just open up HAfrigateIngressURL:5000/events?camera=camName

Ease of use is more important right now, so i edited the notification blueprint so you can just tap one button on it and it points to /lovelace/cameraName

It would be nice to add a way in blueprint options to modify the existing buttons like Silence Alerts etc to do different things like go to lovelace panels.

I’m working on this currently. I’ll PM you what i’ve got so far. Still testing.

I’ve got frigate itself accessible externally so for me i can actually go to frigate directly for the live view

Hi All,

Out of the three actions we currently have:
View Clip, View Snapshot and Silence new notifications.
which is the least popular?

Android has a limit of 3 action buttons. I could make all 3 customisable, but if i was to make just one customisable, it means the other two are always there and the functionality of the chosen one is replacable.

Personally i think i’d be least likely to need the view snapshot button. How about you?

Been testing this for a few days and the only one I did NOT use up till now is the view snapshot. So would agree with you

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