From Logitech harmony to broadlink to mini

I know websockets is available, but because Logitech made this decision, I don’t want to use it anymore…
So how easy is it, going from harmony to broadlink?
Harmony setup was verry easy, all available commands were synched in a conf file… Just pick and use it…

Is it true that with a broadlink you NEED to learn each activity or button or command that you want to use? That’s a lot of work to start with…

Yep. It’s a pain, but works well once you have it set up. I have 2 mini’s for my 2 A/C’s and it works great!! Took a while to learn all the codes I need, and I still have some more to go, but both units use the same codes, so that good.

Someone made this to learn codes. I haven’t used it as I have all I need.

ok, thnx in afvance

1 more question though, when using an harmony, when you send for example an activity with HA, if you use then the logitech harmony remote, its already started in that actvity , because its in sync

how do you fix that? so you send from HA broeadlink commands, but if you then want to change volume with a harmony remote, its not in that activity state so if you start that activity then, it turns everything off?

so in otherwords, the combination Broadlink as hub with a harmony remote is not possible?

Not that I know about. The remote doesn’t know that the Broadlink hub has started something. You might be able to do something with the Harmony Hub in the mix, but then why bother with the Broadlink hub?

I get what you are trying to do, and have thought about it myself. I have a spare Harmony Touch remote, and working how I can get that to work with one of my Broadlink Mini’s, but I think it’s next to impossible to send a command to the remotes without a hub in the mix.

well, i just want to investigate upfront :slight_smile:
within a few months, maybe websockets will be shutdown too, then i want an alternative

i still have my harmony remote thats working well, but the problem is the combination then with the broadlink

I just dont know how to fix that? what universal remote are you using now ? i still dont know how to combine a broadlink with a remote if a remote has no idea what activity is active … and where the commands needs to be send too

I’m using a Harmony elite in my living room. Had it for about a month. I have a Broadlink mini in my bedroom for the A/C and another in the family room for the A/C in there. I have not combined broadlink and Harmony.