Fronius power meter (and inverter) - help with configuration

HA is 2022.2.9
Fronius … not sure how to tell to be honest (but there doesn’t seem to be any updates available)

The WattNode is a device that appears to be measuring the main circuit etc (ie. seems to be an alternative to the Fronius branded “smart meter”. I am wondering if that is the issue.

During the install (only yesterday), they didn’t ask me for wifi settings to put into the BYD Battery Box. Not sure if that should be talking to my network or whether all data comes via the Fronius Inverter.

Not sure for Gen24 - I guess you’ll see it in solar.web somewhere - there you should also be able to upgrade it. Or on its built-in web-UI. It should be something like 1.14.x

These batteries can be connected to a Fronius inverter and the data can then be read from the inverter then. They are connected via Modbus (probably through a LAN cable) so no Wifi data needed for the Battery.
Don’t know if they would also work standalone.

my device list looks like the following:

So really looks like it is not visible on your devices list.


I have the “Gen24” and the “unknown” devices but not the Smart Meter (because they installed this CCS Wattnode thing instead) and no BYD device at all.

I assume all of these devices are part of the Fronius integration.

My suspicion is that in order to get the BYD device to show, I need the Fronius Smart Meter rather than the Wattnode (which I think is just a CT clamp to Modbus interface rather than a “smart processor”)

I really am just looking for one more sensor … Battery Charge Percentage … which I can see via the Solar.Web app/website, so it must be “exposed” somehow.

Hi all, I’m using Fronius since one year ago, but now I have started to use the HA integration. I would like to change the frequency updating consumption data to use it for my EV charger. Do you know how to change from 10 seconds to 5 seconds?

Hi :wave:!

I’m afraid this is not going to be as straight forward as you’d like. See New Fronius UI Integration with Multi Inverters - #2 by farmio and the link provided there.

If you really need more frequent updates in HA (Inverter not controlling the charger directly / via its IO port) I’d probably go for Modbus as the HTTP-API is not super fast / reliable and the Modbus people say theirs is. See Integration of a Fronius Symo Gen 24 plus Inverter via Modbus TCP

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This worked for me with Gen24+BYD:

I’m in the same situation. Did you fix it? Thanks

Can you share this? I’m not familiar programming

If you really need more frequent updates you are probably better off using the Modbus integration. Integration of a Fronius Symo Gen 24 plus Inverter via Modbus TCP

I included several entities of the same device on my automation and now I’m getting very awkward values (sky high values) on the Energy dashboard (for my own dashboards I’m getting values as expected).

Does it matter to update only one sensor vs updating them all via automation?

Updating one sensor of one endpoint - power_flow, inverter, etc. - updates all entities that get data from that endpoint.

But it shouldn’t matter for the energy dashboard how frequently these are updated 🤷

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Jumping on the bandwagon

Just got a FSM installed. Below is my dashboard setup

Im bloody confused as to what this is now showing me compared to my Fronius app.

Where is the meter installed? Grid connection path or consumption path?

is says meter is installed Location 0

That’s grid path, which is good - assuming it is correct.

Now what values don’t match to Fronius data?

well i was trying to delete the post as i think i figured it out

im just used to working off Power instead of energy, its just a number but in the fronius app shows this

its just understanding it better

The HA energy page is showing energy data, summed for each hour. That Fronius app screenshot is a snapshot of live power data. They are different things.

The HA energy page is showing in the lower pane the solar PV output by hour, while the top panel shows where that energy went - some of it self-consumed (orange), the balance exported to the grid (purple).

The HA Energy page animated graphic on the right with the moving dots is a bit confusing as it is showing energy totals, while the animated graphics give the impression it is power data like the Fronius app is showing.


Newbie here. Installed Fronius via integration and local IP. The inverter is limited to 0 injection into the grid due to paperwork ongoing. No battery, just on grid system. Is this configuration OK?


Is there any way to get the energy dashboard working correctly if the inverter is set in consumption path (meter_location=1)?

I’ve tried to change it to 0 but then I get wrong mettering data so I guess it has to stay set to 1.


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