Front end for two versions of Home Assistant - anyone suggest a suitable package?

I have two properties using Home Assistant. I want to build a front end on my PC that has an icon for each property allowing me to click on the icon in order to get into the relevant H.A.

Can anyone suggest a suitable open source package with the tools to create it?

Could you describe a bit more what you want? As you’ve described it, it seems like just two web page bookmarks would do it, but maybe there’s something more than that?

Hello Matthew, thank you for the reply. That’s fair comment.
I am trying to create a picture for each property so the rest of the family don’t get it wrong. They are very error prone which usually means coming to me for help. I want them to click on picture of the relevant property and the stored URL behind the picture brings up the correct HA page, one of which is a Nabu Casa remote link.

How much coding do you want to do? You could use e.g. or similar to write a “real” program, but I guess what I would do is just create a simple web page with those two pictures.

Is this something for you?

It allows you to easily switch between different HA servers😋

Thank you, Matthew. I’ll give it a try.

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Thanks, aceindy. I’ll have a good look at this too. You can never forecast what is suitable for family members.

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Just create a dashboard for each property.

I have three dashboards, one for optimised for desktop PC (“Overview”, one For mobile, and an administration dashboard:

Screenshot 2022-02-09 at 11-04-03 Configuration – Home Assistant

You can create new dashboards in the Configuration / Dashboard menu.

Hi @tom_l , i think what he ment was switching easily between 2 HA servers, what you propose would be step two :yum:

Thank you, tom_I.
Aceindy is correct in 2 ways. I do mean 2 HA servers but you have also given me a way forward for another part of the solution