Fully Customisable Tile Card with UI controls

Hello all.

Latest Home assistant evolution show a very deep and efficient use of the tile cards to create easily a nice and streamlined dashboard.

Tile cards are to my opinion a very good improvement of default cards, allowing an easy and quick definition of dashboard, while having a nice and simple look. And most important for all users, a User Interface capability to modify the look and functionalities to keep it simple.

One thing seems to be missing to allow also advance users to fully migrate their dashboards to this default look: a fully customisable Tile card.

It is not possible to for example change the icon or icon color easily. You have either to go through card_mod or switch to mushroom cards (both being awesome, but are not fully home assistant integrated).
In the same manner, if you want to display a specific information, the only way to display Jinja2 template for the time being is the markdown card wich is not as nice as tile cards when placed together.

Two aspects are missing for my opinion:

  • customisation of the “basic” content of the Tile card: like for example the mushroom template card, where the icon, icon color, main and secondary information are fully customisable through jinja2 templates.
  • customisation of the feature part: features are wonderful, but for the time being are driven by the entity linked to the card. A generic feature could propose a few customisable buttons or controls where you could control the icon, color, tap actions for example.

My dream would be a tile card like this:
Using the same Tile and feature, it should use 2x4 grid space (this one is for the time being a stack-in between a mushroom template card and a row of mushroom chip acting like buttons).

A backup proposition, making use of the new section could also be made with the two following features:

  • a customisable Tile card like the mushroom template cards as described above, or at least a markdown card compatible with the Tile look.
  • some new ‘Tile like’ buttons, instead of the customisable feature, customisable in the same manner as a Mushroom Chip, but compatible with the new grid concept and Tile look (using only 1 grid space).

This could allow to make small “sections” with the main information on tile cards, and the main controls on “Tile buttons” while remaining very space efficient.
The “dream Tile Card” shown above could be mimicked using one section, one tile card and four Tile button. Using 2x4 grid space + the section title line.

With the marvelous latest Grace project presentation, this would allow to build beautiful customized dashboard very easily !

Added in the Git also (I don’t know which is the base for this)

The lower part (feature customization) has been made available in HACS through this project (but not yet UI supported):

We are still missing to the templating and customisation in Tile cards…

For the time being I will continue to use mushroom template cards which are the only alternative with UI…

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