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Wow…that’s it! As soon as I disabled the ‘Android Screen Saver’, it switched back the the fully launcher & fully screen saver and has not switched back to the firelaucher. It’s been 4 mins and counting. Now I have to figure out how to get a clock using the fully screensaver.


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Screensavers are (with exception of oled displays) thing of the past, or should i say remaining from old CRT screens. I have a bunch of tablets on my walls and they all show appropriate dashboard, so i can view from a distance what i want, not that i have to go there and tap on the screen. I designed them so that i have clock on the screen and all other data i need, too.

For my bedroom i use oled tablet (because you can dimm it way more than LCD) and a dashboard with clock only, so it doesn’t light whole room at night: black background and grey numbers (like rgb(20, 20,20) ), one option is “simple clock card” from HACS. Here i do have to tap to bring other data (thus change dashboard with tap), beacuse, as said, oled screen is sensitive to burn-in, while classic LCD is not.

not entirely.
in most cases you are right. but my walldashboard in the livingroom from 15.6 inch (big android tablet) is starting to burn in after a few years.

hm…that’s interesting…
i just can’t imagine what would “burn” on LCD - there’s nothing to burn there - it’s just liquid, glass and backlight… there are no individual active spots that yould be prone to burn-in.
Are you sure you don’t have oled type display?

these are the specs:
★ Bildschirm: 17,3-Zoll-IPS-Bildschirm
★ Auflösung: 1920 x 1080
★ Helligkeit: 350 cdm2
★ Kontrastverhältnis: 1000
★ Anzeigeverhältnis: 16: 9
★ Anzeigefläche: 382 x 215 mm
★ CPU: Allwinner A64 Quad-Core-Prozessor mit 1,6 G getaktet
★ Speicher: 1 GB
★ Flash-Speicher: 8 GB
★ Betriebssystem: Android 6.0 System
★ WIFI: Unterstützt die Verbindung zu WIFI. Internetzugang, 802.1 1b / g / n
★ Ethernet: Unterstützung für die Verbindung zum Internet
★ Bluetooth: Unterstützt die Bluetooth-Datenübertragung
★ 3G / 4G: Unterstützt den Internetzugang über einen externen 3G / 4G-USB-Dongle.
★ SD: 1 SD-Kartensteckplatz (maximale Unterstützung 32 GB)
★ Mini USB: 1 USB OTG (zum Debuggen des Geräts, Flashen des Systemprogramms)
★ USB 2.0: 3 USB 2.0-Anschlüsse (unterstützt U-Disk, Maus, Tastatur, Drucker und andere Geräte)
★ RJ45: 1 RJ45-Netzwerkkabelschnittstelle
★ Kopfhörerbuchse: 1 3,5-mm-Kopfhörerbuchse
★ Stromanschluss: 1 4,0 mm DC-Stromanschluss
★ Videoformat: Unterstützt MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, VC1, RV usw. (bis zu 1080P)
★ Audioformat: Unterstützt MP3, WMA, AAC usw.
★ Bildformat: JPEG, JPG

and i got this dash on it, where the grey frames are mostly the same, and the background is changing.
and last time i noticed that the icons and frames (white and yellow) where visible after a restart, before the dashboard was loaded.

Well, if Ou do experience burn-in then i guess clock will also cause it…
In this case i would just lower brightness to a minimum still visible when not in use and rise it again when you touch the screen.

i dont care about it that much.
i dont use a screensaver for it and the dashboard will be replaced at some time.
i havent noticed anything like it with my firetabs, but they get dimmed at night.

i just wanted you to know that burnin somehow still is possible on some devices.

Well, another reason for the screensavers are for night time use. Too bright in the bedroom and it’s convenient to look up and see what time it is. What other options are there to display a clock screensaver other than Android Daydream on fully?

Like i said above:

  • create another view
  • choose a black background theme, if possible - i used google dark and changed background of that theme to pure black.
  • create a card(s) where you’ll put all your needed data for the night and choose very dark color for fonts - i chose rgb(20,20,20).
  • create an automation which changes view from standard to this new one, say each evening at 22:00. Or create a button card on standard view which will change to “dark” view manually. Or…
  • on this new view create “tap action” action so that tapping will change screen back to “standard” dashboard.

For views switching use card-mod (tap action: navigate…)
The benefit of this system: you can choose what you’ll have on “night view”, while you’re pretty limited if using android screensavers.

But, like i said: classic LCD is still too bright at night for me. The problem is that classic LCD has backlight on whole screen, and you can’t dim it below certain level, so black is still somewhat “backlighted” and, say, clock screensaver is not on black background but rather on “darkgrey” one…
That’s why i bought old OLED Samsung tablet. OLED lights only used pixels, others are off, so background is completely dark.


i got a clock on most dashboards anyway.
and at night i just change the brightness to very low, and when i tap anywhere on the dashboard it makes it bright again.

Can anyone advise. I have been using FKB on Xiaomi Pad for some time already, but recently (could be months actually) I started noticing sluggish behavior. When I start FKB, all works fine. However after about 10 minutes, some elements take time to render - such as if I have timer on my dashboard, it does not count down every second as it does after start, but for instance every 4-5 seconds. Also selecting entities (regular more-info dialog) takes a bit of time, sometimes clicks are not recognized.
I don’t think it has anything to do with dashboard because it renders fine in PC, also I have tried to remove all the cards from the dashboard, leaving just entity-filter, and it is behaving the same.
I have tried HA Companion app as well, and it does not suffer from this, so it is isolated to FKB only.
I have tried to factory reset the tablet, and FKB is the only app I use - no difference. Almost as if something has changed either in FKB, or Xiaomi Tab (I had auto updates on, so it did update to most recent version, but I can’t say exactly when it started)

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Do you see the same from another web browse on the tablet?

Yes, seems that same is happening on chrome as well.

The last few days with HA 2024.2.4 I’m having problems with my amazon tablets 10’’ 2019.
Fully kiosk browser is keep crashing and app doesn’t restart.

Currently am on
Webview Provider: com.amazon.webview.chromium
Webview Version: 120.0.6099.266

Has anyone managed to replace the webview?

I would have replace them but having wall mounts from vidabox makes it a bit expensive …

Is there an alternative ?

Hi! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Since HA version 2024.7 playing videos via FullyKiosk Browser is supported. Did anyone have success? Seems that video formats are limited…? I have a Reolink camera and my plan was to play an RTSP stream natively via the FullyKioskBrowser, however I was not able to get this working.

The improvement to the FKB integration in 2024.7.x is:

“has added support for integrating the camera from the tablet running Fully Kiosk Browser”

Means it exposes the tablets camera back to HA. It doesn’t change anything about what FKB supports in browser. That’s still (and always will be) up to the webview component installed on the tablet.

No, the release notes also state:

Furthermore, there’s now an image entity for taking screenshots, the ability to send notifications and text-to-speech messages to the tablet, and the media player can now play videos! Nice!

My understanding is that the play video command of the rest API is implemented. I also tried to get a RTSP video running natively via rest API, without success. With this functionality I could replace browser mod.

Media player is mentioned - fully integration does have media player, so i guess they mean that media player inside HS integration now plays videos, not tablet, running fully kiosk…

If I select the Fully Kiosk integration, select the media player on one of my tablets, browse to a video using the media selector and click play the video plays on the tablet.