Gardena smart system + Home assistant?

Any ideas?

Hi Everyone. Has anyone managed to figure out whats happening here?
Have installed latest version, made developer account, when trying to connect am also getting the “unknown error occured” message. Also doesnt seem to matter what I use for redirection URL… can anyone assist? Cheers

Anyone havin a solution for this problem? Cant get this integration getting to work.
If tried all the metnioned solutions above. No chance. Always getting the same error.
Can anyone give a hint?

for people with problems: the integration with version is working.You can try to remove the integration completely and reinstall it.

Yet, to be honest, I’m not getting warm from this integration. The information is very limited: battery percentage (doesn’t work, it’s always showing 100%), send to base and stop. That’s it.
Husqvarna developer is offering more options, but none of them are used in this integration.

It would be very interesting to know in which zone the mower is currently mowing. So I could use: if mower is in zone 2 and nobody is home, go back to your base.

I’ve just checked the Husqvarna Developer Portal documentation for the gardena smart system API. I don’t see any information available there which is not already in the integration. I could not find any data regarding zones or GPS positions of the mower.

If you could point in the right direction maybe someone can implement it.

I had problems with this integration. Instead I managed to make a sensor to pull data from the Gardena API. More in this thread: Integration with Gardena Smart Sileno mowers, by using sensors

I think the right thing, if you have Nabu Casa is just to use your nabu casa url with /redirect/oauth on the end. I had no problems when doing that, and I tried just now, today with a fresh install.

Quick question for those that have Smart Water Control: can I control it directly from HA via the REST API or I really need the gateway? If anyone knows, what’s the protocol between the water control and the gateway? In the HASS repo there’s no info if GW is required. This is the only useful information that I found: 2019-10-28-GARDENA-ELCE2019.pdf (

Welcome to the forum.

You need a gateway to remotely control Gardena Smart Water Control.

Alternatively, you can control the Gardena valves with Shelly or ESPHome if you want to go that route. I like the Shelly option because timers can run locally.

Thank you for the warm welcome and prompt reply! Which exactly Shelly product can control it? As far as I understand the water control unit is using 868MHz and propriety protocol from Silicon Labs or I’m mistaken?
Many thanks in advance for your reply!

The Shelly 1 can be powered with 24V to control the gardena valves directly. This replaces the smart water control unit entirely.

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Thank you for the hints! Unfortunately it won’t work for my current situation because my garden is still hose based not in-ground and I’m going to use Gardena water distributor for multi-zone watering. Additionally I have a well pump (controlled by Shelly Plug S), so they have to play together. Anyway thank you for the advice!
I was hoping that somebody reverse engineered the communication between the gateway and the smart water control, there’s even official github, but it’s mostly for the Yocto rather than communication with SI4476 transmitter.

Hi all,

For those using the gardena mower card (or ‘my gardena card’, which is based on that), I’ve created an updated version that uses Lit (rather than Polymer, which was deprecated in Home Assistant recently).

You can find it here: GitHub - ehaffmans/lovelace-gardena-mower-card-lit: Simple card for Gardena Robotmower in Home Assistant's Lovelace UI

To use:

type: custom:my-gardena-card
entity: vacuum.entity
name: Mower Name
background: img/mower.png
buttons: true

Please note that the correct usage is ‘custom:my-gardena-card’, not ‘custom:gardena-mower-card’.

I hope this helps someone.

Hi all,

Anyone any recent information on this point? I’m trying to connect to the api without any luck. It just hangs on the credentials pop-up. After refresh, it then says “initialisation failed”

On the redirect URL I’ve tried adding these:


currently running Home Assistant 2023.7.1 and Installed Garden V1.0.0 integration via HACS.

I got it working - I signed up to the dev-portal with a different email address (new account) instead of using the email address I originally used to create the Gardena app account. In other words, the smart-phone app and the developer account should use the same credentials

I have the smart water control and sensor running nicely in HA.

I was just wondering if anyone knows why the smart water control automagically switches itself off after 25mins?

You can set a default runtime within the Gardena App under Smart Water Contoll, Settings, manual button. When you use a button within home assistant it’s basically the same as pressing the button on the device.

Within the settings of the HA integration you also can set the default times.

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Hi Sebastian, can you share your Card Smart Sileno please?

Sorry for the (very) late response. It’s correct what you are saying. I was looking at the Husqvarna API and not the Gardena Smart API. With the Husqvarna API you can get the GPS location of the mower. So I could check if the mower is in a certain HA zone and send him back if we are not home. It would be great to have this functionality in the Gardena API.

I am quite sure that none of the current Gardena mower models has a built in GPS. You can quite easily see that because all of them need a boundary cable and mow in a random pattern. Mowers with GPS are usually exactly those models that do not need a border cable and that mow in a controlled non-chaotic pattern.