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Add Garmin Watches, so i can control and view devices, from the Watch, like the WatchOS one, and i can see it as an device in HA. Thanks

Most watches don’t connect to the wifi but go through Connect.

That app will work, but it requires Bluetooth connection to your phone to do so.

To my knowledge, there is no other interface to the watch.

My Garmin watch (645 music) have WiFi.

Garmin watches do not publish their battery status via their Bluetooth connection to your phone, not like headphones do. This is a problem that only Garmin can resolve, Home Assistant cannot read information that is not published.

Garmin Home Assistant App (linked above)

We have a fledgling solution with a known problem we are trying to fix right now.

The intention is the watch will send both its battery level and its charging status via an HTTPS POST. That HTTPS POST goes over Bluetooth to the phone and then then from the phone over Wi-Fi or mobile data, however the phone connects to the Internet.

The known problem is the current method (Ver 2.1) only works if your user account is an administrator on Home Assistant. Ver 2.4 will hopefully be out shortly, it will be simpler to set up and solve that known issue. Assuming our release testing does not fail for us. The solution is not perfect, as you have to start the watch app to start the background service sending the battery level.

Just bear in mind the application is written to control Home Assistant and the battery level function is “a bit extra on the side”.

Yeah, i know about the app, but, the watch dosnt show up in homeassistant, so you cant trigger automations, or get the gps over wifi, like you said with an https post, tthis would work, so if i leave my phone somewhere else, and my garmin watch is connected to a public wifi lets say, that i can trigger automations via that. also, it would be nice to just se how long i walked in the last activity, and then set a goal, so i get remembered, when i need to walk again you know?

The watch will die pretty fast if it tries to keep HA updated.
If it is on the WiFi on the watch itself it will be a matter of minutes rather than hours.
If it is over Bluetooth it will last somewhat longer, but still it will be hard on the battery.

I thougt about every hour or half an hour, or manual sync

That might be possible.
It played a bit with it and found that the best way would be to use manual requested updates and that would be only when visual checks could not be used.
Like manual request a state to see if you forgot to turn off the light. Visual cehckbwhen you get home and want to turn the light on in the hallway.

Not completely following, sorry. Is the problem that the GarminHomeAssistant does not work from your watch directly over Wi-Fi? The watches we are able to test on provide a sync over Wi-Fi and then cut off, so we’re not in a position to test the app without a phone to provide the connection.

The watch can be set to update in a multiple of minutes, so if you are worried about battery life, you can dial the updates down. Or just turn it off.

I too would expect Wi-Fi to be bad for the battery.

Yes, when I get home I set my phone in its charger and then the Bluetooth will be unavailable to the watch when I move around.

Our solution is what it is. Not perfect, but it seems to be appreciated.

I would prefer WiFi due to work hone not being in reach at times.
Updates are mostly not relevant for me, because I can make visual check and just need to toggle a switch mostly,like for a light.
The heating system might need to pull an update to know what it currently is, but I could go without that with no problem.

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and also that i have entitys like last workout last workout time etc

same, this would be nice

To read your workout entities go play with:

shure but over wifi, and it dosnt have manual request or time for request like a timer after 1 hour it updates the entitis

We’re not in a position to assist you via the GarminHomeAssistant app. Sorry.