Gas and water meters index

I just installed a ESP32 based to get impulses from my gas and water meters.
Via ESPHome, I am currently retrieving these pulses in my Home Assistant interface.
Thanks to this code

sensor:plateforme: pulse_counter
pin: GPIO12
unit_of_measurement: ‹ m3 ›
name: « Compteur d’impulsion eau »
platform: pulse_counter
 pin: GPIO14
 unit_of_measurement: ‹ m3 ›
 name: « Compteur d’impulsion gaz »

Obviously the units of measurement are not exact,
a water pulse = 0.001m3
a gas pulse = 0.01m3

I would like to display the indexes of my 2 counters.

How can I display these indexes in “real time”?

Thank you in advance,

Tiens ça c’est marrant j’ai la même question.
J’ai juste réussi a passer mes valeurs en M3/h et comprendre que les impulsions correspondaient en fait a des m3/h donc ton graph et juste a un instant t tu as bien ~20m3/h sauf que ça ne dure que quelques secondes. Pour mon info pourrais tu donner la ref de ton compteur d’eau stp?

Still same question how to monitor counter indexes.

Izar Pulse I 3 from Dhiel

I am interested in the solution with ESPHome. How did you read the data from the IZAR RC 868 I R4 module?

ESP32 LoRa module SX1276 868 915 MHz Wifi module?
Can you give me some tips on how I can do this?

see: Watermeter - DIEHL IZAR RC I R4 - How to do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Install ESPHome in your HA integrations panel.
I had this code in a ESP.yaml file

# Adapt to your board
  name: compteurs
  platform: ESP32 
  board: nodemcu-32s

  ssid: "Your wifi SSID"
  password: "Your wifi password"


# Enable logging

# Enable Home Assistant API



#Water pulse plugged on PIN12
  - platform: pulse_counter
    pin: GPIO12
    unit_of_measurement: 'm3'
    name: "Compteur d'impulsion eau"

#Gaz pulse plugged on PIN14
  - platform: pulse_counter
    pin: GPIO14
    unit_of_measurement: 'm3'
    name: "Compteur d'impulsion gaz"

But it looks that ESPHome Version use pulse_counter sensor.