Generic thermostat, thermostat card and away_temp

I have a generic thermostat that has very basic settings:

  - platform: generic_thermostat
    name: Bathroom
    heater: switch.floor_bathroom
    target_sensor: sensor.temp_mathroom
    hot_tolerance: 0
    away_temp: 18

I’m displaying it in lovelace using thermostat card

entity: climate.bathroom
type: thermostat

but I don’t get the ability to activate away preset.
I get this view:

If I visit Home Assistant demo website ( I can see that there is an option to enable away mode and even other modes:

Can I display an additional icon in the thermostat card for away_mode? Should this work by default? Is this a bug, or it this unsupported by generic thermostat?
I know that I can use automation to set away as preset_mode, but why this isn’t available in the thermostat card? The demo shows that it works.
I use Home Assistant 0.100.3 if that matters.

Not 100% sure why you’d need that.
Have the different values populate a central value for current temperature (door/window open - away - night - day - evening) and have any change in that update your generic_thermostat. Seamless. The card does display the current setpoint, right ?
If you don’t trust it, you can display the values and conditions adjacent in an entities card or some such.
Anything else and you may have to create a custom card.

Edit: just looked at your images, wow ! you like to run hot don’t you ? :hot_face:

@Mutt the values are from my dev environment :wink:
I’m aware I can set target_temp via automation (using a button card for example), but I don’t understand why thermostat on the demo page has those icons to set mode and the generic thermostat (from my system) isn’t displaying them.
This is very confusing :confused:
I’d like to be able to enable away_mode (that should have fixed target temperature and should disable slider) or turn on the standard mode (target temperature controlled via scrollbar)

Sorry I can’t help, I don’t use that card or anything similar

youll only get those controls if yor thermostat supports it.

@petro the generic thermostat has property called away_temp ( so I think it should be supported.

I might be wrong on this, but if you set an away temp for the generic thermostat doesn’t that mean that the target temperature changes to this when there is nobody home? Ie when group.all_devices is not_home?

I use generic thermostat but not away temp

@jdbrookes you are right, setting preset_mode: away changes the target temperature.
I don’t have device tracking, but I use the cloud, so I want to be able to toggle away preset for each thermostat individually.
I know that I can do that with automation, but I think away should be supported by UI for the generic thermostat.
I’m not sure if this is a bug, if yes I will submit this to GitHub, but first I want to confirm that with the community.

@petro I’m not sure if geeric thermostat should support those controls. I think it should.
by default you get two icons - active and off, if you set away_temp in config you should get third - for away mode.

The problem is I don’t know if this should be supported and current behaviour is a bug or my topic is more about a feature request.

Hi, I hope somebody can help me: I want to change the target temp on a Generic thermostat using an automation. I have an input number called input_number.heating_temperature and into my automation I have set:


  • data:
    entity_id: climate.TermoPrimoPiano
    hvac_mode: heat
    temperature: “{{ states(‘input_number.heating_temperature’) | int }}”
    service: climate.set_temperature

But this doesn’t do anything in my thermostat. If I change

 temperature:  "{{ states('input_number.heating_temperature') | int }}"


  temperature:  input_number.heating_temperature

Also doesn’t work.

It work only if I set a numeric value.

  temperature:  19

I’m quite sure it’s a syntax error, but I can’t found where I wrong…

May you help me?

If i understand correctly, the generic thermostat does not have same features as the other climate platforms.
For example, operation_list is not something you can define for a generic thermostat.
Also the presets accepted by generic is none + away.
You cannot define a “for him”, “for her” or “for all” preset…

Please correct if i’m wrong…

There is a PR ongoing to completely refactor this integration

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replace data to data_template in your automation as per docs (and in the future format your code when posting it here by enclosing in back quotes)

speaking about away_temp and ability to change to it from UI - I used to have it and I don’t know why in the OP’s case it did not appear (mine worked as expected for a year), BUT I’d advice against using it as it’s buggy (search HA’s issue tracker for away_temp)
and yes, we’re waiting for a replacement for generic_thermostat

Yes, yhanks, I’ve already made all code. Who want to see and use may go to this topic Crono-Thermostat with multiple zone

I’m wondering if this is the correct place to ask this, if not please let me know. My issue is my thermostats which are connected to Vera, do not display the correct set temperature when the thermostat is in heating mode. Initially they will display the correct temperature but after some time they will display the cool set point until someone adjusts the heating set point at which time they will temporarily display the heat set point but then revert to displaying the cool set point. As you can see from the screen shot ALTUI can properly see the set points and also on my vera, the correct set points are displayed through the app but not in HA. Any ideas?