Get value from eedomus api


I would like to get / set switches or lights state that are managed by my eedomus box.

I often use the box api to get switch states or set switches and lights on or off with IFTTT for exemple.

A restful synthax exemple :

Get light value exemple :

The box answers : 
{ "success": 1, "body":{"last_value": 0} }

Set light On exemple :

The box answers : 
{ "success": 1, "body": { "result": "[OK]" } }

Set light off exemple :

The box answers : 
{ "success": 1, "body": { "result": "[OK]" } }

My goal is to create an item “light” in Home assistant. I would like to this item to update itself by sending restful request to the eedomus box and get the light state periodically. Next, I would like to “click” on this item on the user interface to change the light value by sending restful requests to the eedomus box.

For this, in Home Assistant, I don’t know how :
0) What kind of item “light” in Home Assistant have I to create ?

  1. How to send restful request to get the light state, parse json result and update my Home Assistant light item ?
  2. How to send restful request to the box when I click on the item in the user interface with the item value (0 or 100) ?

Thanks a lot for your help

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I will not be able to help you on your request but I think that if you support the request to integrate Eedomus to HA in the link below, it will helps a lot of others including you!

Eedomus smarthome box integration