GL-S200 and Matter over Thread

So I managed to get my GL-S200 Thread border router to run under my HA instance to replace the multipan issues since the skyconnect is now in dedicated zigbee mode.

I can’t for the life of me figure out at this time why HA is not wanting to add it but it has been paired and showing up on the GL-S200, it just keeps failing at Add Matter Device.

I am trying to repair my P2 sensors to start using them again through this setup.



I have restarted the phone, cleared the credentials and resynced them to allow me to get to the point where I am and factory reset the sensors each time just to sanity check them, quite baffled at the moment.

I am using an android phone with the latest companion app build and I have tried both direct via add device through the matter integration and via the popup that comes up when the device is in pairing mode then selecting via another app and selecting HA with scan and manual code input.

Edit: after restarting everything multiple times then doing a cold restart of my HA VM instance I was able to have it be added.

Took a bit of finagling with this to get it to play nice even after following the steps as per: