GoControl ZWave thermostat - show active state?

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I recently replaced a wifi thermostat with the GoControl ZWave GC-TBZ48. It’s working great with Home Assistant including the Lovelace Dual Thermostat Card. The old wifi thermostat would display the activity on the card when it was running. The GoControl, with the either the default thermostat card or the dual card doesn’t show the state.

Is there a way to get the fan and mode (heating/cooling) as well as stage1/stage2 to show up? I started to do some research and see that there are Z Wave configuration parameter such as Parameter 22 - SCP Status that appear to contain the states I am looking for. However, when I attempt to use zwave.print_config_parameter is doesn’t seem to return anything. This also seems to be the case with any parameter that uses a bitfield.

Here is the output when calling zwave.print_config_parameter with {"node_id":"26","parameter":22}

2019-05-24 13:52:57 INFO (SyncWorker_0) [homeassistant.components.zwave] Config parameter 22 on Node 26: None

I don’t recall if it’s fan state or fan mode but one pulls the current fan state.

Same for operating state/mode to show idle/heating/etc.

Thanks! This mostly has everything. It’s a bit weird that the fan state, operating mode, etc. is set the same in the cooling and heating modes despite only one being active. For example, when the unit is cooling the fanmode and operating state changes from the heating entity as well.

This doesnt show the stage it is running at. Any idea how to pull the values from the bitfield in my original question?

EDIT: Here is the syntax for calling a zwave entity attribute in the value template which worked for me:

        value_template: "{{ states.zwave.ecolink_motion_detector_garage.attributes.battery_level }}"

Did anyone get this working? I have this same thermostat and have been unable to get accurate readings for the fan or system states.

Mine has wired to the 24vDC, since the initial installation. I’m trying to figure out a way to graph runtime, but looks like the hvac_action and fan_action are always showing a value of ‘Idle’

Any help will be awesome.


Mine is reporting the correct status on hvac_action and I have a history stats sensor tracking total runtime based off it.

Not sure about fan_action as I don’t monitor that.

Is HA getting any updates from the thermostat? If you change the temp at the thermostat, is it quickly reflected in HA?

Yes, updates are reflected fine.

Do you have a snippet showing how you’re getting the value of hvac_action ?

It gets pulled into a template sensor.

That then feeds some history stats sensors.