Google Assistant - Account Linking Failed

After months enjoying GA and resyncing devices after I added new one it stopped working about a week ago… at least that is when I added some new lights and GA told me there was a problem with syncing my devices.

I checked the developers console and rerun gaction… enabled test again… but no result

So last Friday I unlinked in the G-Home app and treid to link again…
This results in a wild looping page with the error msg “Account Linking Failed” and nothing happens…

I even created a new project in the developers console and tested it again but also that doesn’t work

in the topic Setting up Google Actions for Assistant there are a few more reports with the same problem … there is a suggestion that it still works with and iPhone but lucky me I don’t have one…

Any one any tips how to get it working again? Are there others who have the same issues?

Is it a Google problem or HASS?

I believe it is a Google problem as th eproblem seems to be further spread than only HASS. Others reporting the same issues with trying to enable other services ie non HASS.

Also did some digging on the HASS side and basically the homeassistant.components.google_assistant.auth works correctly as it shows “user login in from Google Assistant” in the info debug. So HASS does accept the loggon via Google Home app.

homeassistant.components.google_assistant.auth generates an URL which basically fails with the msg Account Linking Failed.

The URL looks like:[PROJECT-ID]#access_token=[ACCESS_TOKEN FROM CONFIGURATION]&token_type=bearer&state=CuwCQUg3bDRQcE1TQ1Y0MnZQRnhVZUtQMV9XMDd1RnBmTnFRTEozcEFuczA1ZDdOWVkzd2YyY2NaQkJIOGlUaGFSbWRXNUlTSnFuMEdHalI5N3Q3bnFGZ1lxVXQwQ3JyNTlaR1RSZmxRMkNmbFd4VTJwZnZNTWxyMzJiOF9Fbm1DYkhncDdBbmViN1d2Y3FEcno2VzZaaHB2d3psU211OTJIOWdHb3FSNkJfOHlCeFM1a29VMndnNWtSZU5obmh2SUVtXzZCLUliSnBaVEFqaGZBcmpvRjhvUlo1Z2lrOUxHWTRaeEtzVkFob3Y2Qk0xTEVVZXVaQVdMUDlsaWwxTXJqT19WRlJXbDUxYjZiZWRad0YyYWFNVGdxM0lsa0NEb3lNdkVDWFJ0dFFzTVBGeUJNekRnMGE3dVVadnN0Z2UwQktaQ0ZmVDJwTUZObExjbkFxNDVTMU83TzE2TFJzNXl5aFZXdFZKVnpfSW5HMBIcYXNzaXN0YW50LWhhbmRvZmY6Ly9jb21wbGV0ZSJDaHR0cHM6Ly9vYXV0aC1yZWRpcmVjdC5nb29nbGV1c2VyY29udGVudC5jb20vci9ob21lLWFzc2lzdGFudC04MDI1ZioVbWFpbC50by5yb25AZ21haWwuY29tMhhob21lLWFzc2lzdGFudC04MDI1Zl9kZXY

(I removed some info from the link :wink: so don’t be surprised the link doesn’t work)

Putting the link into a browser will bring up the page with Account Linking Failed…

So from what I can tell nothing has been changed recently on the HASS side… the link seems valid and I got this problem running with 0.58 (now running 0.62.1)

So don’t unlink if you doen’t have too…

looks like i found a workaround…

  • open assistent on your phone “OK Google”
  • click on the symbol on the right top (looks like an intray) which bring you to “Explore” screen
  • from here click on the 3 dot on the right top of the screen
  • select Settings
  • scroll down to “Home control”
  • Click the + sign bottom right
  • link you test application

This worked for me … don’t ask me why

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Just tried this. Did not work.

well it did for me…

Others also had some luck in removing the cach of the google home app… I didn’t try it but I did clear my browser cache on my phone…

Thanks for the work around but I am one of the unlucky ones that doesn’t work for. But it does act differently I get a redirected to app null message then looks like it works but when I go back I get the login failed. Oh well back to the drawing board.

Funny I rebooted my phone now I get a message that says account now linked but it actually doesn’t and then I get the failed.

I was having the same issue with my phone (Stock Android 8.1) but I noticed that my roommate’s phone (Custom ROM Android 7.1.1) was able to link just fine. I grabbed an old Android phone (Stock Android 6.0) that I had laying around and it linked fine on the first try.

If you have access to a device running a custom ROM or an older OS it might be worth a try.

no joy here getting unable to link from ios and from an old nexus.

on iOS here, unlinked and relinked app. All good. I to had it randomly stop working a week ago.

Have you all followed to set this up? with linking you mean step 7 right?

For me step 7 fails with a blank page, With access_token topen_type and state. If I try to open the same link on my computer I get “Account linking failed”.

Tried on an iPhone.

Edit: After two days of trying and failing I borrowed my girlfriends phone and it worked right away.

I have tried my lg g4, my wifes lg g5, a orginal nexus 7, a rooted galaxy s3 and all give the account linking failed message. We just got a new ipad at work so guess I will try and steal that next.

On my Nexus I now get couldn’t update check your connection

fixed mine - under the action edit button at my fulfilment URL was missing :8123

Do you mean “Authorization URL”? If not I don’t know where to add a “Fulfilment URL”, Could you screenshot it?

Will try tonight, I also just tried an new ipad and iphone 5 and both won’t link but I cant see the error, I assume this is because apple handles the browser windows differently then android.


Tried modifying my fulfillment URLlike this as well

and still no joy

Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection.

here it still does not work.
already tried these solutions and none worked:

add :8123 at the the url
install a new navigator
delete and create a new project
client_id of all sizes and shapes

@vicentecandido same issue (first time setup) im going to try with an ipad soon (currently on an android phone) and see if it works

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update nope it didnt work on the ipad app either (although it gave me a different error, it said “something went wrong try again”, vs android which said “couldnt connect check ur connection”.

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I continue com o mesmo problema.
I change the router, i reinstalled raspbian + ha, i maked new URL duckdns.
Nothing this helped me.

I think problema be in the duckdns.