Google Assistant Ifttt Shopping list

I am sure this has been asked already, but I can’t seem to find it. Starting in September ifttt will no longer allow you to set up custom commands for your Google Assistant. The only thing I used ifttt was for this feature. My favorite automation was to be able to tell Google to add items to my home assistant shopping list. I had it set up so I could say " Add, ketchup to my grocery list" and ifttt would send a webhook to home assistant with ketchup as a variable and add it to my home assistant shopping list. Now the ability to use variables in a command appears to be leaving. Does anyone know another way to accomplish something like this?


Looking for a solution to this as well, haven’t really found anything of use… Feels like more people must have this problem?

Interesting topic, i dont think you are only one who is facing this issue.
Lets hope anybody is having a proper solution.

I really want to accomplish this too.
One solution is to use the Bring shopping list custom component. And use Bring as the default shopping list in Google Assistant. Unfortunately I can’t make this work, as no matter what I do Google Assistant only adds items to the Google shopping list, not the Bring one. If anyone got a solution to this feel free to let me know!
Another idea is to use this script to scrape the Google shopping list and add the items to the Home Assistant list somehow. Then use Assistant Relay to send a message to remove an item from the Google shopping list through Google Assistant whenever an item is checked in the Home Assistant shopping list.

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Have you got it working now? Currently looking for a way to sync HA shopping list with google assistant voice…

Unfortunately, I have not. I have linked my google assistant to google keep and make a grocery list there. But doesn’t give me the automation abilities I wanted to use with home assistant.

if you use EN language, you can enable “list and notes” feature in GA itself , that way you can sync with a notes provider like google keep… and then just use another google keep custom component to view/edit

To bad there is no option for that in swedish language…

Same here, I need dutch, already waiting 3 years

Related to the similar problem described in this other thread → Google Shopping List integration

Any tried using gkeep-list-sync (custom component that uses an unofficial client for Google Keep API)?

gkeep-list-syncA Home Assistant custom integration for adding items to your Home Assistant Shopping List from a Google Keep list. The integration relies on gkeepapi for the synchronization. This is meant to be used with Google Assistant to easily add items to Home Assistant Shopping List.

Looks interesting , but the main issue is still s manual service, don’t think you can use voice?

Well I haven’t checked it out yet, but if I add things to Google keep through Google assistant, and it does sync with home assistant properly it would be voice. And exactly what I was looking for. But again haven’t checked it out yet.

yeah, but how to use the voice? how is that service exposed to Google? there is no entity that can act as a dynamic keyword from HA to GA

dont think it will work

My Google keep is linked to my Google home voice assistant. I tell it to put potatoes in my grocery list and it puts potatoes on my Google keep list named grocery.

If this service syncs that list with the home assistant grocery list in both directions it’s a perfect work around. Again I haven’t checked it out but sounds promising.

Yeah, but only works in s few languages only, if I change language to Dutch, I can’t select keep as sync service …

That’s why I was hoping for an alternative with HA maybe

Gotcha, sorry didn’t take that in consideration

Seems things are changing , Google Shopping list will disappear, and everything will be moved to Google keep, normally you can select now keep as provider in GA settings, also in other languages…

That means we can finally add items to a keep list, using all languages… If you want to use another shop list, you could use a sync service…

But is this integration working? I have tryed multiple times, with app password, and always get “bad autenthication”. Tryed updating the library versions in the code, tryed everything I can think of (no expert), and no success. This is something I needed for a long time, and it worked before 2013.5 or some version near, nor anymore, at least for me. I don’t have an enterprise account, but I have Google One subscription, maybe that’s where the problem resides?