Google Assistant is not working anymore (Could not reach <app name>[test] please try again.)


My home assistant was working with google since 6+ months and today it’s not working anymore.
I have no logs in home-assistant.log, and i didn’t changed anything in Google Actions.

When i try to relink my project in Google Home, the home assistant’s login page appears, i type my infos and a error message appears “Could not reach [test] please try again.”.

Home assistant is accessible from a duckdns via ssl.

How i can fix this ?
My home assistant version is (docker): homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant:2021.6.3


I have exactly the same problem with the Sam configuration.

It started a couple of days ago and it might be related to recent updates.

The same configuration and problem here.
I have tried re-create the project in google action console and different DDNS but still not working.

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I decided to unlink my test app from google home, using the app. Now I cannot even re-link it anymore. I Still getting the same error message.

I found a temporary solution.
I’m using a global ipv6 address via Duckdns. Once I clear the ipv4 address in Duckdns which is not a public ipv4, it can successfully connected. But after a while it still became inaccessible. Maybe it’s because of the auto update ipv4 of the Duckdns.

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You should be able to prevent it updating the v4

I don’t find any setting in Duckdns to avoid ipv4.
How to do it?
I set the ddns (Duckdns) on my router. And I select only ipv6 address. I don’t know why it updated ipv4 automatically.

What kind of router? My FritzBox gives me an option to only update one or the other via the URL string it constructs which I can edit…

BUT with IPv6 you don’t port forward you open a port to the device so having your router update the IPv6 address is only going to point to the router not HA… and if you are port forwarding with IPv6 please STOP.

My router is GL-XE300, using sim card to get internet and IPv6.
There is openwrt firmware inside.
Because I can only get one global IPv6 address, I have to set the traffic rules for HA port.
I don’t know if it’s correct, but it’s the only way I can use ddns for HA.

-A prerouting_wan_rule -p tcp -m tcp --dport 8123 -j DNAT --to-destination [ddb8:e751:40c6::50]:8123

-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 8123 -j ACCEPT

-A zone_wan_forward -d ddb8:e751:40c6::50/128 -p tcp -m tcp --sport 8123 --dport 8123 -m comment --comment "!fw3: test" -j zone_lan_dest_ACCEPT

I also select IPv6 only in ddns setting, but I have no idea why it updated IPv4 automatically in duckdns.

No one has a real solution here ?..


I noticed that I also can’t connect to Home Assistant app remotely

Same boat. Went through the setup process for Google Assistant twice and I cant link the app. I’ve been successful in the past.

What’s wrong here? I am unable to link the app anymore.


I found a solution to my case. For an unknown reason port 443 was not reachable even though I have set port forwarding in my router.

So, I have set another port. Example: 9123 external → 443 internal

Then, everything came back to normal!

Hello. I had some problem too. I used dns cloudflare. and i got this fail because im stupid. I created firewall rule on cloudflare and this was block google requests. I discovered this bug in google console log (button on test page in google actions) in jsonPayload → response. U can try check it/

I had the same issues. Found parts of my google setup was suddenly missing.
Following the Google Assistant - Home Assistant instructions I needed to re-add the ClientID parameter to the Account linking configuration.
Then in the Google Home app on my phone I needed to “setup new device” → “works with google” → “renew existing…”

Then it worked again.

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Literally solved this 5 minutes after posting. Similar to someone above, cloudflare “known bots” firewall rule was enabled, and was blocking connections from google. I made an exception for google in the firewall rule using the AS number, and its working now!

Hi All, I’ve got a similar issue here where I changed my domain from duckdns to cloudflare w/ custom domain with DDNS and can’t get the google assistant integration working. I have external https access to HA on port 443, working just fine, however I can’t get google assistant to sync in the ‘google home’ app on my phone. It gives me the "could not reach test " error when I try to sync.

I checked the google test environment log like navorobev suggested and I’m getting this error which means nothing to me, anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks!

SYNC: Request ID ########## failed with code: BACKEND_FAILURE

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Could you run me through the AS number firewall rule you made? I’m just not sure what you mean. I have Cloudflare as well and issues reconnecting my service to google assistant.

@bmduke1997 - on cloudflares management page for your domain, goto ‘firewall > overview’ on the navigation pane. It was here where I learned that cloudflare was blocking google from accessing my domain which was preventing google assistant from working. You can click on the blocked attempts to access your domain from google, and there is an AS number which I thought would be the best way to allow google to access the domain. For google it’s “AS15169 GOOGLE”.

navigate to “Firewall Rules” next on the navigation pane, create a new firewall rule on this page and filter for “AS15169” and allow of course.

That’s what solved it for me.

I was definitely blocking via bots, thanks for that, but on the other hand it didn’t solve my issue. I still see the same erorr ;(