Google Assistant + Nabu Casa # 2

I have managed to get Home assistant cloud service up and running. Pretty straight forward when I figured out how it is meant to work.
I have the service added in my Google home app. This exposes around 60 entities. A mix of switches and scripts. So far so good.
I have created a number of rooms in Google home app and also connected the right entities from to the rooms.
My configuration.yaml looks like this:

# Cloud 
group: !include groups.yaml 
automation: !include automations.yaml 
script: !include scripts.yaml

The problems starts when I want to start using voice commands to control all the swithches.

I was hoping to be able to say “Ok google, turn on all lights in the Livning room” and that would trigger all the entities connected to the “Living room”. But that does not work.
Most of the times it works if I trigger one entity eg “Ok google, turn on window in the kitchen” (where window is the name of the lamp entity and kitchen is the name of the room).
However it does not work 100% of the times.

I was also hoping to be able to say “Ok google, turn of all lights in the Home”, This never works.
Most of the times I get the reply “These lights does not seem to be configured” or “I do not know how to help with that”.

It is a bit frustrating. I have been using IFTTT to trigger scripts through google Assistant and that has been working better than this implementation.
So either I have configured it incorrectly, or it is not suppose to work according to my expectations…

Any Ideas?

M google assistant is ‘room aware’ If I say Turn on the lights it will only turn on lights in that room - light is configured in same room as GH. If I say turn off all lights it turns off every light in the house.

I’d say you have a configuration problem. My google assistant setup is in a seperate yaml file.

Ok, yes maybe so, but the question is still what? :slight_smile:

You haven’t posted anything that could remotely help us figure that out!

You config it manually or use cloud like Nabu Casa?
I have same problem with @Per-Henrik_Lind using Nabu Casa. I have 2 lights in bedroom, when I ask GA to turn off all lights in bedroom, I always get “I don’t know which light you want to turn off” unless I use exact light name

Hi, I use cloud, Nabu Casa.

Hi, since I have the automatic setup via cloud I guess this should not be required?

it’s required. Just test @sjee suggestion and it works for me

Will do. Are you using both cloud and manual configuration?

Maybe you are confusing. By “manual”, I means we don’t use Nabu Casa but follow the in this page

I’m using cloud (Nabu Casa) same as you, but it’s also require some config for it, you can check it here

As @sjee suggestion, my config now looks like this

# Cloud
        - light
        - switch
        - fan
        - climate
        - group
        - script
        name: Light
        room: bedroom

Ok thanks.
I am a bit usnure what the “entity_config” do.
In the manual is says " Entity specific configuration for Google Assistant." which does not help me much…
And in your case the “” is that refering to a name in Home assistant?
Thanks for your patient, will get it working eventually :wink:

yes, “” is entity name in HA, and “name” and
“room” is how you want google assistant recognize it as when you using google assistant

Hi, Ok thanks for your reply.
This is my config now:

        - light
        - switch
        name: Blomma
        room: Vardagsrum
        name: Bokhylla
        room: Vardagsrum

I am trying to achieve the following. I want to say:
“Ok Google, turn on the lights in the Vardagsrum” which should turn on “utbyggnad__blomlampa” and “utbyggnad__bokhylla”. The room name in Google assistant is “Vardagsrum”.
This still does not work.

Am I still doing this wrong?

Looks ok to me. When you add Home Assistant to Home Control in Google Home is it seeing the entities?

Yes, and it is working fine to tap the “Turn on”/“Turn off” switches in the Google home app.

Ok so then it’s a language problem? Does voice control work properly for other non-home assistant stuff?

It works kind of good. They released Google home on Swedish recently.
So that might be one reason for the issues, however I want to make sure my config is Ok so I can rule that out from the possible causes.

If you get the switches etc in the Google Home App that means it’s all good and working.

your lights are in “switch” instead of “light”, maybe it makes GG confuse? can you try to say, turn on all switch in “Vardagsrum” to test if it works