Google Assistant SDK prevent announcement of broadcast

Great got it to work. Finally a message that does not interupt my music. Is there a way to prevent Google saying: “Incoming Broadcast, its says …”?


Unfortunately no. I assume this is done for platform security purposes so you know why that message didn’t come from Google. For example if someone broadcast, “F* you” and Google transmitted that without the prepended message, someone might think their Google Device randomly cussed them out.

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Are we certain about this, I do not get this when using broadcast from my phone. It feels like its coming from the integration.

I’m not a Google engineer so can’t say with 100% certainty, but I’ve seen many threads on this subject over on GitHub in the issues section of the various broadcasting integration that exist. And I’ve seen zero threads with a solve.

When you broadcast from your phone, does it replay your voice like a recording or does it come out in the Google voice?

I not sure. I guess it is preventig wrong use as you already stated

I f that’s the case it wuld be possible

Sorry not possible.

So simple answer, is “no” when using the SDK in the way it’s setup here.

But yes it is possible, but HA will need to create a “device” which would then send the announcement (that way in Home you can see where it came from)

This is called notifications as far as Google is concerned (智慧住宅動作通知  |  Cloud-to-cloud  |  Google Home) I.e. Doorbell sends “Someone is at the door” notification.


Which by the way I think Nabu Casa already does with their cloud subscription which home assistant syncs devices with Google Home already. So it would probably need to be something via that integration as it would be one of those “Linked” devices that send the notification.

To note, if you’re not feeding any variables to your message, i.e. wanting to announce your washer is done, you can setup a routine that triggers off of a input boolean which is exposed to Google to announce to household or device.

In my case, I use node red to make sure the washer’s state has turned from on to off, and if so I trigger some lights and an input boolean named “Washer Announcement”. Google sees the change and reads off what I provided in the routine of “Attention! Your washer is done” without the “Incoming broadcast. It says …” preface.


Oof. I’ve got soooooo many routines to build. I really hope there’s a way to just disable it, soon.

Are you able to share the sample code for this? I have tons of Google Assistant devices that I want to use for TTS but using the Cast feature is not practical for me. I can’t stand the playback sound before the Cast. I would love to have TTS just play the message as it does on Alexa devices.

Nothing too difficult, in Google Home just make an exposed HA device your trigger and choose Announce to Household your action. You could use when the actual device entity turns off or in my case, I check to see if my dryer is also off before sending and utilize an input boolean:


Got it! This seems to work. Although I get no Incoming Broadcast, I still do hear the notification tone as I did with the Google Cast service. No way to get rid if that?

Not that I’m aware of, but I’m brand new to using Google with HA (got tired of Alexa) so there may be something out there I’m unaware of.

could you elaborate on how to make a device’s state show up in starters? i want to use the ‘announce to houshold’-action that somebody is ringing the doorbell. Devices (such as my doorbell) from home assistant show in google home app but it’s not showing up in devices that can be used as a starter…
i tried an input boolean with the same result

Mine are template input booleans exposed to Google via Nabu Casa. Not sure why yours aren’t allowing you to use them as starters.

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You could try lowering the volume of your Google Assistant device before broadcasting the message. This may make the “Incoming broadcast” message less noticeable, especially if you have background music playing.

i found the issue. The input boolean wasn’t automatically assigned to a specific home in google home app, after i did that, it showed up as a starter… thx for your help!
It does have a significant delay though, i tried to use it to announce doorbell ring so i’m not yet satisfied with my solution

This was the solution for me. Its actually quite elegant. Kudos to @hoffdad