Google Assistant Setup Issue - "Could not update the setting. Please check your connection"

I’m unable to get the test app to link to the account. I get all the screens redirecting, but end up with the snackbar saying “Could not update the setting. Please check your connection”

I have a 18 character client_id and 74 character access_token. Everything is set up in actions on google and I have clicked on test app.

Keep getting this error… Any help?


i even not clear in docs how to follow thing i think better if some one expert make video for setup.
please help make one video from begin to end .

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Sorry, no solution, just addnig a “+1” to your thread.

I get the same issue - I can see [test] my app name listed when I go to add a new device, but when Home attempts to link my app I get the error “Could not update the setting. Please check your connection.”

I am running Home Assistant behind a reverse proxy, and I’ve temporarily disabled Basic Auth on the reverse proxy until I get Assistant working correctly.


Yeah I have no special config, Port 443 is forwarding correctly and I access HA via https://[myurl]

I can go to https://[myurl]/api/google_assistant/auth as I set up in actions on google. I get the ‘“message”: “missing redirect_uri field”’ error but I assume Google Assistant adds the correct url parameters etc.

Not really sure what to do. I’ve tried setting up an app twice now. The project_id is correct, there are only letters and numbers in both my client_id and access_token so I cannot see what could be the issue…

I agree, but the guide is pretty self-explanatory. I think the main problem is the Google Home app being a pain. I get this message sometimes with other devices, but it usually shows up after I reload the page

Had the same issue, it just started working eventually. Regarding the post about receiving missing redirect_uri field when visiting the URL from a browser, that’s normal.

I was getting the same message when I set mine up. After an hour or so it simply began working and I had made no changes vs when it wasn’t working.

How about a detailed setup on how to make this work. How to we add this on In my case I already have a Google Home device, so there is no need for the Rpi one. but the setup its very confusing since you need to add the command:

cat /dev/urandom|fold -w 120|head -n 1|base64 -w 0|tr -dc ‘0-9A-Za-z’|cut -c -80

and dont really provide this, or if it does, I dont know how. please be a bit clear on the setup.

This is probably the 5th time I’ve attempted to get it to work. I’m trying everything I can thing of. I have shortened the client_id and client_secret way below 20 and 80 characters, I have just used alphabetical codes, I have looked at the url it goes to and that looks ok. I have even tried disabling the api_password and that made no difference…

I got it to work! I’m not sure if it was to do with the amount of components at once, or that my project.json was malformed, but I managed to get the app to link on the google home app

You may be in the wrong topic. This is for setting up Google Home devices to find and control Home Assistant devices. (An alternative to using emulated_hue.) This is not in regard to the add-on for making a Pi into Google Assistant.

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I am trying to figure out how to make this work in my docker container…but of course the instructions are for the standard install, and not docker…

Yup, me too. Several hours of waiting gone by, and it still wont allow me to associate the [test] my app with Google Home.

Any thoughts?

I found I had to disable the Wifi on my phone to get the final steps to work, seems my local host mappings mapping may have confused things.

I did get the same connection error even after I made this change but found that it had worked and my HA devices were actually discovered after going back to the devices page. From then on, having Wifi enabled on my phone was OK.

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I also created a thread about this issue and will now reply here instead.

As will everyone else here I am 100% confident all steps are correct in the setup.

The post about using WiFi and port forwarding got me excited as it made the most sense, but unfortunately that did not work either :frowning:

I haven’t found a solution yet so adding a +1 to experiencing the same issue without a solution.

I had the same issue and had to retry 3 times before getting it to work. In the end it worked with 4G, while on wifi it didn’t work.
Also saving the room setup always showed me an error, however after quitting the setup, the room had been successfully saved…

Clever, but it didnt resolve the problem for me.

I’ve repeated all the setup steps at this point, and waited multiple hours without success.

In my (Google) Home app on my android deviceI see [test app] my app name.

When I click it, the https call comes to my edge proxy. I see the request get answered with a 301, and a body of “{“message”: “redirect success”}” However the (Google) Home then says “Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection” and no further http/https traffic.

Since the problem seems to be in the Home app, I’m not quite sure how to troubleshoot it.

My hostname / https uri resolves inside and outside my network. I can browse it directly. If copy and paste the Location header from the 301 link in a browser, it looks functional.

In the request, the client_id is passed and is correct.

In the response, the access_token is returned and correct.

The state is identical in the request and response.

The only thing that looks possibly suspicious to me is that the token_type=bearer but the access_token is just a random string.

If I follow the get uri from my packet capture, it looks like everything works, I go to my HA server, then get redirected to… and finally I end up at

Just keep clicking, like 100 times.