Google assistant setup?

Can someone help me?

Im trying to setup google assistant, but im stuck on step 1 believe it or not…

Install the gactions CLI (you’ll use this later) - you can download this anywhere, just remember where you put it for later (and don’t forget to run chmod +x gactions)

Where do i install gactions CLI? On my windows pc or the pi? If on the pi, how do i install it? And where/what/how do i run chmod +x gactions?

Create a new file named project.json (in the same directory you downloaded gactions to) and replace the [YOUR HOME ASSISTANT URL] below with the URL you use to access Home Assistant. Note: This must be an HTTPS URL to work.

And here, does this mean i need to have a duckdns url setup? with encryption?

Please help


It doesn’t matter where. You download it to your PC and run it there, or download to your Pi. To “install” it on the Pi run the chmod command.

Yes - externally accessible with a hostname (doesn’t have to be DuckDNS, any dynamic DNS provider will do) and an SSL certificate.

thanks, so if i run it on my pc i dont/cant do chmod anything?

and how would i make it ssl? i have duckdns setup, but its not https.

and can client ID and access token be anything i want?

in the duckdns lets encypt addon for hassio, im getting this issue… any ideas?

“type”: “urn:acme:error:malformed”,
“detail”: “Error creating new authz :: DNS name does not have enough labels”,
“status”: 400

Yes, but they’re effectively passwords so make them long and random:

cat /dev/urandom|fold -w 120|head -n 1|base64 -w 0|tr -dc '0-9A-Za-z'|cut -c -80

I don’t run HassIO so I can’t help. It sounds though like you used myhost and not

what is the full chmod command to install on rpi

The instructions are on the page you download gactions from.

When I run it it says factions not found

Do I use chmod +x gactions

Please read step 2. It tells you to call it as ./gactions

Yes (that’s what it says to do after all :wink: )

Thanks I’ll change it and give it a shot.

please help

Use “sudo” before all commands

sudo chmod +x ./gactions

Also I got no such file also. It means its looking g in wrong folder for file.
Just use full file path. So if file is in /home/user/folder

Sudo chmod.+x /home/user/folder/gactions

Am I meant to have downloaded the x86 version and transfer to rpi then run command in folder location

Thanks… I changed it, and there aren’t any errors… But I’m trying to access my site with Https://, but it’s not working… If I use http it works fine… Any ideas?

I’m having another issue now… Everything is configured and working fine, but when I try and add it in the Google app, it shows up, and seems to work, but then it says loading and then claims a connection error. Ideas?

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Setting it up right now but what do you enter as a link to a privacy policy? Can anyone point me in the right direction how to do this easily?

You download the version for the system you’re going to run it on. You can download and run it on your Windows PC if you’d rather.

I just made up a link on the domain being used (/privacy.html).