Google Cast BlueIris Cameras with Home Assistant!

FYI after I enabled the Intel HD h264 option, and the cameras rebooted, I get “no signal” on them in both my BI app, web interface and software on server. Disabling it makes them work again.

Thanks for sharing this.

I have two Chromecast devices and this work on them. However it does not work on my TV. My TV is a Panasonic smart TV. In HA it appears as “media_player.55dx640_series”. When I try to execute to show on TV I get HA error in the log
" Unsupported media_type: image/jpg
components/media_player/ (WARNING)"

Any advise to get it working?

Your tv is not a chromecast receiver, that’s why it doesn’t work. Assuming it’s like most TV’s it’s not Android TV and you can only cast YouTube to it.

Thanks. I got it working like this. I found the method in panasonic component and used part of the code from you

- service: media_player.turn_on
  entity_id: media_player.55dx640_series
- service: media_player.play_media
    entity_id: media_player.55dx640_series
    media_content_type: "url"
    media_content_id: >
      {% if is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "Entrance") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "Dafang Kitchen") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "Dafang Livingroom") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "Foscam Garage") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "Dafang Room1") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "ICsee Backyard") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "ICsee Kitchen") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "ICsee Livingroom") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "ICsee Playroom") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "ICsee Room2") %}              
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "Cycle Cameras") %}
      {% elif is_state("input_select.camera_dropdown", "All Cameras") %}
      {% endif %}
- delay: '00:03:00'
- service: media_player.turn_off
  entity_id: media_player.55dx640_series

I managed to do the same without BlueIris, for my android cams. Slightly different setup for slightly different needs, but the effect is quite the same :slight_smile: Casting Anything (including android_ip_cameras) through google cast

Forgive my stupidity. I am new to yaml.

I have the following and I can see the cast option that you have but it never works, am I missing something?

I have the New google home hub, and its Named Kitchen display.

Very cool project.

Anyone knows if HIKVISION NVR gives an HTTP address for multiple camera view?

You’ll need to modify my code. Specifically below where you’ve highlighted you need to change “media_player. YOUR_GSD_DEVICE" to correspond to the entity name of your device. You’ll also need to change the IP addresses.

You’ll need to share the code you’re using and any error logs too.

Thanks the IP address I knew, so i only changed the highlighted one to start with, let me try the other part once i get back home and will let you know.

Thanks for the response.

You can make your life easier by taking out all the complexity of having drop down boxes and testing with just a basic script like below:

    alias: Send BlueIris Camera to Smart Display
      - service: media_player.play_media
          entity_id: media_player.lenovosmartdisplay
          media_content_type: 'image/jpg'
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I actually don’t mind the complexity, i’ve got it casting over right now, just black screen but at least I know I am in the ballpark. Besides if I don’t learn it, ill never be able to help myself.

Okay so I found the issues. The individual above that was getting the black screen is most likely facing the same issue. For whatever reason in blue iris when I say authenticate from Non-Lan only it still forces authentication (this could be a subnet issue, still looking into it, as I have 10...* and each subnet is segmented based on device type), but if I turn it off for everything and cast it works without issue, if i set it to Non-LAN again it shows only black. I will look into that and let you know if i found a fix.

Thanks again for your response.

I would love to take advantage of this project, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Problem is I don’t have a spare server/computer to run Blue Iris. Which leads me to my question, is it possible/recommended to run Blue Iris on the same system I have Home Assistant running on? I have HA running on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ (Hassbian) with a 32gb sd card. My cameras are Amcrest cameras, so they have rtsp & http stream urls available, but from what I’ve read I would only be able to cast them if I used ffmpeg, which from what I hear is terribly taxing on an rPi. Is there any alternative way for me to use this project with my amcrest cameras?

BlueIris is running only in Windows

Blue iris is very CPU intensive. You best alternative option is to get the video feed directly from the IP camera. Note however the format must conform to Chromecast standards for it to work. And I believe that armcrest cameras are compatible.

Wait, Amcrest cameras ARE chromecast compatible? Can anyone confirm this?

Are http streams compatible with Chromecast?

Here are the video format specs. Im no expert, so figured I’d post them here so you could tell me if they would work with Chromecast.

So ive gotten it all working except one small part, I can cast anything from Hass interface, however (I am linked to Hass in google home) when I say Ok Google Show me Front porch camera i get - this device has not been setup yet. Anything I am missing on that part, or should it just work once with the provided script above and the associated linking to google home?

My google home does show Front Porch Camera but it shows it as an on/off switch.

Try the MJPG feed for your armcrest camera. A mate of mine told me it worked for him with no blue iris in between. It’s possible I could be wrong as well…

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