Google Cast BlueIris Cameras with Home Assistant!

Awesome, will do. Thanks! :smile:

Anyone else have issues getting google display to show the camera when you ask it?

Google doesn’t know its a camera, and wants you to buy a nest camera.

So basically you would have to say, switch on the front porch camera.

If that works, then you can setup a shortcut / routine, to say whatever you want, but to send “switch on the front porch camera” to google.

If that doesn’t work, then you need to expose the scripts to Google Assistant through HomeAssistant.

Before you can do any of that you need to configure this

Once you have that then you have to create home assistant switches which are exposed to the google assistant. Once you have that then you can talk to the goole assistant to turn on those home assistant switches which will in turn activate your camera casting capability.

Thanks, thats what I was missing. You have been extremely helpful.
Thanks again

No worries. The easiest way to get this going is to expose a script to Google assistant. When that script is exposed you invoke it by saying “ok google, activate {script’s friendly name}”.

Tell the assistant to “sync my devices” to help it find any new items exposed via home assistant.

I’ve tested this myself and it does not seem to work so far. This would suggests it’s not possible to directly cast from Armcrest > Chromecast at this time.

The issue I seem to be facing is that whilst Chrome would theoretically support Armcrest streams, I can’t seem to find any way to get the chromecast to authenticate using a login and password. Also i can’t seem to disable authentication altogether on the Armcrest.

FYI I got it all working.

Thanks again for all your help.

You can’t just pass the credentials in the cgi-bin link? The amcrest docs suggest you can pass your credentials directly in the link as parameters.

I’ve tried passing the user and password values with various combinations and nothing seems to work.

It also looks like ppl have been trying to do this for years but every solutions seems to have a middleman such as blueiris, docker or some other server in between. This suggests to me that you’ll need to remove authentication for any solution to work.

Try enabling anonymous user but make sure to enable for LAN only

Do you mind sharing how you got it all working? Specifically the “hey google, show me the front door”? I can see my cameras, and I can also cast them with home assistant (Thanks to the OP). But getting google to see the individual cameras and setting up whatever routine is needed is what I’m missing

Follow the instructions on this page to have items in home assistant visible to the Google Assistant

I did, but they never seemed to appear. Once I followed this I was able to get it working. Needed to expose a script to tell it what to do I guess.

Ok Google: Who is at the front door!

Using a script is the easiest approach, but you could also use any of the other domains available to the Google Assistant

I had tried exposing the domains listed, and it never seemed to pick the cameras up, or my scripts for that matter.

      - switch
      - light
      - group
      - cover
      - vacuum
      - media_player
      - script

unless you are saying to also expose the actual camera as well.

  expose: false

which I did not try

You mentioned that you got it working as a script to the Google Assistant. Have I misunderstood?

Correct it is working. Thank you for the assistance!!

I dont have the config files any longer as my SD Card died and I have not picked up a new one, however you if memory serves me correctly you need either have a Home assistant cloud account or the work around (Ill see if i can find it) so that you can link your HA to your Google Services. Once you have that linked and you have everything else working in HA, I went to IFTTT and created a web request that was duckdns address.


Method: Post
Content Type: text/plain

hopefully that makes sense.

Many thanks for the excellent instructions @sebdoan, I was able to get this set up with hardly any issues. So, regarding using Google Assistant, I have my GA linked to HA, and working great. The switch that is exposed to HA is titled “Press to execute”, which really doesn’t seem like it would work anyway. I just can’t seem to figure out how to ask for a certain camera to be displayed on a certain home. Do I need a separate script for each camera feed? If so, do I also need to specify which device to display it on?