Google Family Link integration

We use Google Family Link to monitor and control our kids android phones. Just wondering if anyone knows of any integrations that have been made with HA? I’m using AppDaemon (HADashboard) as a control panel for lights, etc in the house and thought it would be a nice addition to be able to add things like “Time on Device” info and the “Lock Phone” function.


off the top of my head check if tasker can pull the data from the app, if it can you can share it via tasker

Thanks for the reply. I’ve had a bit of a look through Tasker, but can’t see anywhere in there that has access to the Family Link app. Unless I’m missing something, I wouldn’t class myself as a master of Tasker. Little bit of Googling hasn’t turned up anything either.

Did you ever figure it out? I’m surprised there is practically no info on this

Nah, nothing ever came from it. I had a bit more a look around for info, but kind of gave up. Would definitely be a “nice to have” though

Personally, I ended up with the Disney Circle to monitor - does a decent job (better than Google Family IMO). It’s location based, so kids need to be on the home wifi, though does have an app you can install on devices as well. Still no perfect solution, but better than nothing…

Link here:

I am also interest of integration of Google Family with HASS.
My kid phone is controlled by google foamily and I want , when his phone is locked by google family at 21:30 for example , his LED strip at the bed also to turn off. I can’t use exact time, because sometime I give him extra time 10,15, 30 minutes and still want his LED strips to be on. Is there any option to do this ?


I want to add my vote here as well. Having kids today with their own PC, android phone and iPad tablet and needing to enter each app for limiting screen time is frustrating. Especially when you know this is something that is perfect for managing in home assistant.


I have exactly same needs, find a way to get a combinate daily use time for Android + PC + Nintendo Switch, then ideally turn them all off when the daily limit fixed is reached…

the 3 system offer both functionnalities (time log + time limit) but is their way to get theese data from API? is it possible to lock thru API?
here is the deal…


Still nothing I guess?

Well. It should now be possible for someone to develop it since there’s a webpage for this sort of thing now.

It shouldn’t be rocket science to open the developer tab and see the calls to the api.


How would you get around session cookies timing out etc? As an example, if you do inspect when hitting “Lock device” on, it uses the function timeLimitOverrides on

With a bunch of headers. The query can be replicated but after a while it fails.

I started to take a look at family link (having done switch parental controls + MSFT family safety). And this was where I got to, requests to the API are successful but the cookie will timeout, and so far I’m not sure how to refresh that cookie yet.

I might see if I can take some inspiration from badnest (

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Brought this back just to say I’m playing with making an Android virtual machine in VirtualBox, which I put Family Link and Tasker on along with some of the Autotools. I figure to use a webhook to let HA trigger a Tasker task to lock or unlock kid’s phone, and make webhooks to let Tasker report Family Link status back to Home Assistant.

I figure that approach might come in handy for other things that lack HA integrations but which do have Android apps.

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I also wish this would be available in HA as a plugin…
Wondering if there Isn’t any easier way through the APIs?

I’ve tried the APIs, unfortunately they are all gson (GitHub - google/gson: A Java serialization/deserialization library to convert Java Objects into JSON and back) based APIs and without extremely heavy reverse engineering, there is just no way to get the data currently. I also tried to reverse engineer the mobile app, but that took me to a dead end because the app seems to proxy the requests via a different package (probably Google Services Framework), maybe the iOS app will be different, but I don’t have an Apple device to test with.

Feel free to chip in the feature request: Google Issue Tracker