"Google Home" Theme - Light & Dark

Hi All,
I’ve been working on 2 version for lovelace themes to match google UI style guide. I think it’s close enough:

Theme file here:



Thank you! This is almost exactly what ive been looking for.

But to make it look a bit more google Home looking, how about increasing the corner radius as well as adding blue accent colors and making the background a bit greyer to make clear what are cards

sounds great, you can fork and change whatever you need :slight_smile:

Hi there is a problem with text,when browsing/searching for entities in developer tools (states).
Text is as the same color as background,so it is not visible.

that’s correct, i’ve suggested a change in theme variables but it was declined… so for now there’s not much to do. workaround is to select text to see the it.

Really like it. Using it right now, switching back to default when I have to browse entities.

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Could you add it to HACS? Would be nice to get updates this way…

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I’ve never done this before, but i see here that it’s not really meant to use with themes:

correct me if i’m wrong

These days you can:

Slate for example is already added:

very nice! im trying them now, set light to day and dark to night :slight_smile:

It is possible now. There is now a data branch where you can add themes (https://github.com/custom-components/hacs/blob/dfeda8b55909c3d7c3cea69d4ea1f82428ef2ec2/repositories/theme). Users can then download the theme then using HACS. It takes less than a minute to add it over there using the GitHub web ui.

It is important that the repo is setup correctly. More info here: https://custom-components.github.io/hacs/developer/theme/.

Hope you get this working!

I finally found time to sit down and complete the required steps for HACS integration.
I’m not sure what’s next, can someone test it please?

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If you add your repository to this file by creating a pull request, HACS will validate your setup and the themes will become available for everyone without manual interaction like adding a custom repository;

Added the link https://github.com/liri/lovelace-themes to HACS as a theme repo and I can confirm that all 4 themes are now showing up and working in my configuration. Thank you.


Thank you @raul!

@raul @ptnijssen Hey, how did you ad themes to HACS? Mine is just showing Integrations and Plugins. It’s not under custom repositories either. I’,m on HACS 0.13.2.

@liron Thanks a bunch for this theme! It’s by far the best I’ve seen for Home Assistant and I use it and really loves it! I have noticed that links are shown with white color though so you can’t actually see them. I have some pictures of it here for you here:

Set theme to true in your configuration file:

Afterwards, you have to do another manual step by adding the repository as a custom repository, as it has not been added to HACS by default (as noted in my previous post).

@filikun thank you for the compliments, i think the same :slight_smile:
regarding the links - yes it’s white as there is no way to change just the links using the theme framework, I suggested a fix for the front end team but it was rejected…
I’ll try to see if something was changed which allows me to fix the issue.

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Sorry for basic question. Once themes setup in hacs how do you install a theme? I have it installed but it is not showing up. Is there someplace else to enable or am I missing a step?

Hi, you can change your theme under your profile page (“http://…:8123/profile”)

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