Google Keep Integration for Shopping list syncronization

EDIT: worked for a full day, then suddenlly stopped working and would not load. Removed the integration and tryed to add it again, and I get:

(using master Token)
Any help / tips???

And is getting worse? Probably my setup, but just for the record:


EDIT: SOLVED with 0.92 update! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. This is a great integration

Is it possible to synchronize 2 ToDo lists in Home Assistant?

I have the Google Keep and the Bring integration. Both integrations each create a new ToDo list. I would like the Google Keep Todo to synchronize with the Bring ToDo so that I can tell my Google Home, “XYZ on shopping list” and it will finally be displayed in my Bring.

not having a docker env to work with, is it possible to generate a token without it using only online components?

@yey3men2 This seems like the “Solution” to this thread? Though I would recommend the custom component owner integrate via OAuth rather than using app specific passwords to work like other google integrations.

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This plugin supports google keep sync to home assistant todo’s.
It extends the events in home assistant so that it can trigger automations for items added remotely to google assistant/google keep :slight_smile:


i still have the same question. does this works at the moment?
I have a second problem. i can´t login with a Password, and i didn´t have a docker. is there a solution how it works without a docker?
thanks for your help

Hi, for the problem with Bring I think I found the solution :slight_smile: But my main problem of not being able to sign in to Google Keep Sync is still there. does anybody have a solution?

Did not work for me with the app password also, but generating the token was easy and that worked without problems (just via wsl on windows).
But my problem is, i cannot sort the synced lists, the three dots are not there:


A list generated by myself has the three dots. Anyone experiences the same problem?

Yeh, sadly enough sorting doesn’t appear to be supported by the integration at this time. I assume it’s just a matter of including support for it, unless there’s an API limitation.

It is frustrating but should try the proposed solution with Docker to gneerate a token it worked for me.

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How long is does the synching take? I added something in HA but it does apear in Keep yet and I added something via Keep but not in HA yet.

Max 15 min, defined by the integration, and can be overwritten manually changing the code, but wouldn’t advise. After a big struggle to get [the token, it works for me. :+1::pray:

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The issue was kinda silly but let me be honest…I I tegrated the wrong list with the same name. Waiting for minutes after finding out it was another list.