Google Maps/Places popular times component

This component generates a sensor which shows the current popularity for a place which can be found in Google Maps using the Places API.

Sensor attributes are also generated which indicate past popularity at each hour of the day.



  1. Install via HACS
  2. Download files as zip and put the contents of the populartimes folder in your home assistant custom_components folder.


  platform: populartimes
  name: 'your_sensor_name_here'
  address: 'your_address_here'

The address should preferably be in the following format:
“(location name) , full address, city, province/state/etc, country”

Repo with installation files:

If you have any questions, or find any bugs, please let me know here or raise an issue on Github.

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exactly what I’ve been looking for. fantastic component!

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Sensor says unknown. In Google Console it says 100% error for the requests made. How do I go about to see why it generates an error? Cant find a log in Google console that is more specific.

Any common mistakes that are known in conjunction with this component?

Home assistant log says

No popularity info is returned by the populartimes library.

listening in here - im getting the same error.


I’m seeing the same here. It seems the underlying library is broken at the moment. There seems to be a replacement available. I’ll try to find some time to test it in my component and see if I can create a working update.

I have updated the component, it should be working again.
However, it is no longer required to have a Google APIKey, or a Google Places ID.

Instead, the configuration is based on an address. Please see the opening post for the required configuration.

Let me know if it works for you!

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