Google Nest account integration

Hi all, I have migrated my Nest account to a Google account. Is there a way I can integrate my nest into hassio with this Google account for my Nest protects?

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It’s possbile that soon will have something according to this.


Well that’s good news, especially since they state both commercial and personal use.
There is a brief form at - may be a good idea to fill this out to show community interest.

Most interested in getting data from Nest Protect units, which I have been buying when they go on sale around Christmas at Target.

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Any updates on this?

Came here to ask the same thing. Google seemed to make a big deal around their original announcements last year. Seems like its been complete radio silence since then. Concerning part is that the commercial integrations were said to be set to open at the beginning of this year. I can’t find any information saying that program is up and running now, which leads me to believe “end of 2020” may now be “whenever we get around to it”.
(Note, I don’t say that with the implication it’s a quick easy process to develop and roll out, just that I think the community would appreciate further communication).

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anyone who has migrated their account does that stop API access to your Nest components?

Yes, it does.

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Just got an email from Google. They finally launched the Device Access console! The only catch seems to be that for individuals they require a 5$ non refundable sign-up fee…

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Yeah, I just registered. $5 is a little annoying, possibly there to cut down on spam registrations?? I suspect Nabu Casa will get an account, so if you would rather pay for HomeAssistant development we will probably be able to use it through that.

URL is here btw:

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Just had a look through the documentation and it looks like they’ve missed out hot water control as part of the Nest Thermostat traits, just like they did with the previous version of the API.

I just applied for access, looks ok, waiting for hass to update or create a new library for nest :smiley:

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If that’s a one time fee, then it’s fine by me…

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I would like to say thank you for anyone looking into adding official Works with Google , ability for the nest in HA .

as the BADnest integration is currently broken for new users. (they changed the cookie again) and even then it goes out and you have to redo stuff all the time . At least it worked for awhile .

it does appear all the developer docs are now there and updated , just need the 5 dollar account .

Thanks again , We really could use Nest support in HA , its the last thing i need !

If anyone wants to start up a github page , and donation link , i’ll gladly donate !


I’ve started messing with the API and built a quick Android app that pulls/parses the JSON data. I’m still newer to HA but I’m happy to help towards integration development.


Did you get very far on this? I’m looking to integrate at least the thermostat to current Google API. I’d like to create a new advanced climate module that supports dynamic temps based on prices. I have this on Arduino, but a home-assist module would be easier to others to adopt.

I haven’t yet. I’ve seen elsewhere on here that it’s being worked on.

I try but not working for me the Console Device Access

Not surprised that you are having difficulties with the Console Device Access. Google definitely doesn’t understand the KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle. Between having to setup the Device Access Console, Partner Connection Manager, Google Cloud Platform, Smart Device Management API and setting up the NEST app, and then linking them all together, there are many places to make a mistake.
I’m still fighting with getting it all lined up, and I’ve worked with complex integrations.
If anyone has a step by step guide to getting started and setup with the new Google API, I would love to see that. The Google Device Access: Quick Start Guide is far from complete.


is there anybody that can “convert” this FilipDem/Domoticz-NEST-plugin: NEST Plugin for Domoticz using the Google credentials. ( into HA?

I used this (free of charge) before I moved from Domoticz to HA