I made a crappy Nest Thermostat integration that will work as a stopgap until alternatives come out

Having bought a Nest, and never signing up for the API, I’m stuck in the position I’m sure a ton of people are in right now: no way to access it from Home Assistant.

I did some reverse engineering on their webapp and found that they have a fairly decent API that they use for that. Taking this, I made a home assistant integration for the Nest thermostat that will hopefully work until a better solution comes around.

There are several drawbacks to this approach:

  • No proper error handling
  • Won’t work with 2FA enabled accounts (Works with 2fa Google Accounts)
  • Tested with a single thermostat, I have no other devices to test with
  • Camera integration is untested by me
  • Nest could change their webapp api at any time, making this defunct
  • The thermostat “Away” preset doesn’t work

There is preliminary support for cameras.

But for my use case, it is functioning perfectly in my home assistant, and I hope it works for others.

The code is all open source, and you can add it to HACS with https://github.com/USA-RedDragon/badnest

I do want to emphasize that this isn’t a permanent solution, or even a good one, but that it’s a decent stopgap.

If there are issues that users experience with this integration, or something I missed, feel free to open an issue in the repo and I’ll gladly look into it.

Hope this helps those of us who bought into the Nest Ecosystem.


Love the name, and the comment in your info.md :slight_smile:

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Ha! Just trying to be honest. People shouldn’t rely on the poor method I used to work forever. Maybe a name like that will make people realize this

Bugs: You tell me!

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Basically, yeah. I’m sure there are many edgecases I wasn’t able to consider.

Not giving you crap, that’s just what I thought the entire time I read your readme lol. Too funny.

I’ve got an ecobee so I won’t be able to use this, but thank you for making it for those who can use it!

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Renamed a bit to be more friendly

It’s now badnest

goddamn I liked shittynest!


How is this installed?

Via hacs, or just like any other custom component.

Works great, any way it could pull in more than 1 thermostat on the same account. :slight_smile:

Probably have the working by Monday. Need to get the time this weekend

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Wow! You rock. Made my weekend, was so mad I lost my nest integration somehow today.

I was able to get my previous nest integration working again.
Luckily I had an old HASS instance that was still connected with the same keys. I copied the nest entry from core.config_entries from my old instance to my new one and I was connected again.

Awesome, watching this. Will this work with doorbell too?

Once multiple devices work I’m happy to test, we have 2 thermostats and 1 doorbell.

Awesome. Better to use the official stuff

Unfortunately, no it won’t support the doorbell, and it likely never will. It’s nearly impossible to know what data is in the bucket for other devices without having them to test with, and I’m never going to buy another Nest device, haha.

I couldn’t find it in the HACS store or am I missing something

Yeah, you’ve missed the:

… and you can add it to HACS with https://github.com/USA-RedDragon/badnest

You have to add the github page in the “Settings” of HACS.

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Oh thanks yes I did