Google-Nest Offical Device Access Console Finally Released!

Google just announced the Google Nest Device Access program, which replaces the former Works with Nest program we were using to add Nest devices to our Home Assistant servers. Finally time to start the programming for a new integration!!


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See above. We now have the promised replacement for the defunct Works with Nest developer tools. Could this mean a new native Nest integration to replace the currently very clunky “badnest” one? Would be perfect!

I noticed that the Nest Hello can now generate a trigger for the bell button when it is pushed, this wasn’t possible before so that’s cool, it opens more automation opportunities. Google is charging a one-time non-refundable fee of $5 to create a developer account, which sucks.


Time has taught me not to be hopeful when it comes to google services, but here I am again, hopeful that my stuff will work like it used to…


Anyone wanting access has to pay a one-time non-refundable $5 fee… crazy.

But at least now we get to know when the Nest Hello button has been pushed, along with a snapshot, so this might be worth it! Trigger automations with the doorbell button… could not do that before with Works with Nest service.

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Thought this may be of interest - long awaited :slight_smile:

Just got notified.

and the 2 other posts about it

Sorry, didn’t spot those - got an old post come up in search which I updated.

Just got an email about this today :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

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Cost me $5 but I’m signed up. Hopefully the integration gets an update soon.


This looks super interesting. Although i.dont like the fact that it tried to charge me $5 before I could even see anything. This seems like it’s not only a way to control Nest devices, but also a new way to use the assistant to directly control devices exposed by HA.


First hurdle: you cannot migrate a Nest account to a GSuite account. That knowledge cost me $5.


And a dollar more per month plus loss of 24/7 video. Unless you have lots of devices then it’s worth it.

Thanks! I came within inches of the same lesson/problem!

Pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean by a dollar more per month? Are you referring to the nest cloud service or the newly announced api panel? Cause the panel is 5 dollars entry and thats it. Or so google claims…

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I have no use for the cameras. Does that mean we may be able to integrate nest again for a one time 5 dollar fee??

Yea I mistook G-Suite for switching to a Google Account from a Nest Account.
I was talking about their Nest Aware changes.
I can’t tell you how many podcasters I’ve heard complaining about their G-Suite accounts not working with X,Y and Z services.
You had one job Google, to directly take people’s money for a service and you made it worse than the “”“free”"" one.


Gotcha. No doubt google really drops the ball with gsuite. I remember Linus in an LTT tried using assistant through his gsuite account and… well… it went as well as you expected. I’ve seen lots of complaints on forums and such, but to see it fail in action was definitely head-shaking.

I went ahead and paid the 5 dollars. It looks like through the new api, yes, your nest devices can be used once again. I would wait until home assistant integrations change accordingly, and until personal experiences come out.

It’s been a long wait, but I cannot tell you how happy this announcement makes me!

A very cursory glance at the docs reveals a few cool things - Chime events for Nest Hello now exist as do RTSP live streams (not just snapshots!) I don’t see anything related to Nest Secure or Protect yet, but hopefully those get added later.

Oooh, and you can use the ID of the chime event to go and grab a snapshot of the camera at the time. Nice!


Super excited about this, can’t wait to see the intergration within HA.
Al the best of luck to the guys who are going to do this, and thanks in advanced !

Also hoping for a way to use it with Nabu Casa