Google, unable to UNLINK the Home assisant app, lots of duplicate devices now!

hi , i was testing the home assistant app, worked quite good, but for some reason it created lots of duplicates in my google home app, it even created a second “home” house , that i cant delete anymore (this was a shared home from another account)
also unlinking gives an error
then decided to delete the project on google developer site, but still not able to unlink the home assistant app

everytime i command : sync my devices, it gives me again duplicates
i had like 55 devices, now i have like 5 x 55 devices, all duplcates

any1 alse ran in this issue?
also tried factory reset the google home, but i think its just related in the google account itself

here are some screenshots :

help is really appreciated!!!

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I only have two copies of everything, so I guess that’s better. I’ve managed to unlink Home Assistant, but when I request it to turn on the chandelier it tells me that it can’t reach Home Assistant.

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2 copies, normally you can only have 1 project live on 1 HA? have you done “sync my devices”?
anyway, this is not related to my issue :slight_smile:

With one Home Assistant liked in I tell it to turn on the master bedroom lamps and it says it isn’t sure which one. When I tell it to run Night Mode it says it’s activating two scenes. It’s like there’s a live one I can delete and re-add, plus an invisible dead one that can’t be reached.

those are referred as Google Ghost devices
when i first started my first project, after some testing and linking and unlink
i suddenly had 2 kitchenlight, while it was only 1 offcourse
so if i asked, turn on kitchen light, it repospended, ok , turning on 2 lights
then i just unlinked, then sync my devices, linked, sync my devices and it was ok, the duplicate was gone

now, i cant unlink anymore, and evertime i do a sync, it just creates duplicates

I’m having the same problem, several duplicate switches, when I say turn on light 1 the google assistant picks me up saying I do not know which light I want to trigger, being that I only have 1 switches called light 1.

I am using the solution of the own team of the home assistat to integrate to the cloud. Nabu House Account.

Aliases that were working until a few days ago don’t work any more either.

for me aliasses are still working
i think ghost devices have something todo with rooms configured in the yaml file
so what i sometimes do, in google config, i remove the entity configs, so i expose just everything as default, no rooms, names, etc confirued
i do an unlink, link again, then have a bunch of devices offcourse, then i unlink again
then i also remove the rooms in google app, then command ‘sync my devices’
then i link again with the correct yaml file, with rooms also configured

then it works

the only problem that i still have, is that i shared my house in the google home app, that house “was” ok on the shared account, for testing, but the other person isnt able to delete the house anymore, also i did delete it on my account

so she is stuck with a “house” of devices, not able to delete / unlink

I have ghost devices for trådfri. Connected trådfri to Google home, then unlinked and linked again. Did sync devices before and after. In Google home I only have the devices that exist in reality. But when I for example say turn on specific lamp it will be done and then Google assistant says it has turned on two devices.

Yeah, lots of bugs in that Google home app

I guess it is not in the actual Google home app but that the devices are cached in cloud and not purged when unlinking. Had the same problem with smartthings.

Probably , since it’s the same on all Android devices

Same very annoying issue for me too. WAF has been degraded to a 1 out of 10 :disappointed_relieved:

Any updates on this. That’s a tough solution for me since I have around 100 devices to expose , while 300+ ghost devices :unamused:

And the Google sync in HASS gives me error, nothing in log.

Edit i also not sure about your indications

Maybe cancel the test app from Google console and start all over from scratch?
I can try, just don’t want to double my, already huge list, of ghost devices…

Did this go away after some time?

nope, doesnt go :slight_smile:
unlink, and relink again
delete also your “home” if you still have the issue

For me it after doing sync my devices a couple of times it got purged some days later. No more ghost devices.

I can’t … gives error in the GH app

Sync my devicers OR link/unlink in the GH app should be the same, right?

p.s. having googe sync error in HASS, my only optioon is unlik/relink at the moment