Google WiFi basic integration

Looking for some help, I’m trying to get the Google WiFi integration to work. I can see from the documents that it just needs the following added to the configuration.ymal

  - platform: google_wifi

I’ve done that and it is now a selectable entity but I can’t figure out how I should be using the configurable variables, any help would be greatly appreciated.

We can’t really help you there either.
It is your installation, so you need to decide what you want with it.

Thanks Wally, it’s not help with deciding which options to use that I’m struggling with, its figuring out the syntax needed to to make them work.

It is just entities.
Use an entities card and add them

I can add the entity but they are all showing as unavailable.
I was under the impression that you would have to select which of the optional monitored conditions you wanted added, otherwise why are they shown in the documentation

Ahhm that seems true.

Try this in your configuration.yaml

  - platform: google_wifi
    name: "router"

That didn’t work but really appreciate you helping.
It’s not a big deal, last restart would have been nice but not too bothered about the rest.

I’ll update here if anything changes in the future

Did it write an error in the log or when you tried to restart?

I use only this:

  - platform: google_wifi

and work with all the info:
you can try, with the correct ip you use

I just followed the documentation for the sensor, that says it should be listed.
It might work without, but if it is not officially documented, then it could be removed without notice.
If it does, then the correction is pretty easy, so no Biggie really. :slight_smile: