Got a new tuya door bell

Hi all,

just got my new tuya door bell with camera. Would like to see this device a support from Home Assistant… I hope this come soon.

Have you tried the tuya switch integration for the doorbell?

Are you going to tell us exactly what you bought?

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So far home-assistant did not receive anything from the tuya connection and not event the notification. So my guess this is not possible at this time?

Well, I’m sorry to ask the question. I’m asking if anyone know or maybe have the same problem as myself. If no one then its OK… I’m not forcing anyone to help. And again the bell will be part of my home automations, just wont be part of Home Assistant if it not available. Again sorry for being stupid posting a request here…

No need to apologise, but it would be easier to help you if you:

  1. Gave us a part number, or link to where you got the bell
  2. Posted your tuya config
  3. Posted your logs of what is going on (or not) with tuya

You see we are not mind readers. As I said in another post recently, my crystal ball is worn out from trying to guess stuff like this.

I suspect with a bit more info, help might be more forthcoming.

This is basically bell product that I purchase. It work great so far however under Home Assistant tuya: its not being capture or detected. I hope this will give some idea.

Did you find a way to integrate your doorbell to home assistant?

If it’s a tuya device, would flashing it to esphome be possible (if it is an esp based device)? Then it would definitely be possible to use with home assistant!

I recently saw these on AliExpress and wondered if anyone else had tried them already…?

It has a hi3518e processor. If that information helps

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I have a similar but the notifications/events of the dorrbell are crap. Can’t export the events to any system (HA, IFTTT, Alexa, etc…)
Tuya app is detecting the “ring” but imposible to trigger anything based on that.

This product work great with Home assistant?
I want buy one. And need only the live camera option

Read the thread - no it doesn’t work with home assistant.

The device sends a RF signal, which can be grabbed by a (tasmota based) sonoff RF bridge, which can be connected to home assistant. so you can get a notification that someone pressed the button…

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I have this DoorBell that is compatible with Tuya:

It is true that you can add it into the Tuya App but as I said, the notifications within Tuya are not working. The phone is not ringing. The “rings” are not recorded in the App history, etc.

So it is not really useful… You can link tuya with IFTTT but it doesn’t see the dorbell as a device.

The only workarround that I found was using Tasker to “catch” the android notification and ring the phone.

I found a workaround. It’s not great, but it works.
In the Smart Life app you can trigger automations when someone rings the door.
If you add a switch to Smart Life, it cannot be used for anything real, it acts as a bridge to trigger Home Assistant.

In Smart Life make an automation triggered by the doorbell to turn on the switch, wait 2 seconds and turn it off again.

In Home Assistant you can then make automations based on the switch turning on.

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I ditch tuya doorbell and replace it with a very cheap dumb doorbell. Making the easiest smart doorbell with Sonoff mini


Am New here. Would you be so kind and agree exactly how you did that automation in the tuya app and how you call it in HA?

Thank you for your response.

This is how I did it:

In HA you need to have the switch and make an automation when the state of the switch goes from off to on.

Thank you for your response. But I don’t see the doorbell in the condition !!
I do work with the Tuya Smart app?

I am now testing this with a lamp because I do not see the doorbell in condition. But have a huge delay !!