Govee H5179 - Recomended WiFi/Bluetooth scanner/tracker/sniffer

Hi, I have a Govee H5179 WiFi/BT temperature/humidity sensors.
I would like to get it’s data in to HA. Ideally natively using WiFi but if that’s not possible I would be alright using BT. I don’t mind purchasing a WiFi/BT scanner/tracker/sniffer. Any recommendations?

I’ve got a bunch of ESP32’s lying around if I could turn one of them into a sniffer, is that a thing?

Thanks heaps

edit: The Nuc I’m running HAOS on has built in BT.

The only way to get this into HA is via BT, it does not work via WiFi. Any BT adapter will do that you can plug into your instance.

Thanks, I thought that might be the case. Are there any recommendations for BT adapters that are good quality? I don’t have to worry about having a certain chipset in the adapter/PC? Are there any problems using the Nucs built in BT? I would guess it mightn’t have as good a range as a bigger external BT adapter?


Thanks chief

Or maybe make a Bluetooth Proxy or 2 out of those

They work better that the internal/usb BT adapters (says the Nabu-Casa person writing the software on the release streams) and easy to set up.

Doesn’t it already have esp? Should be easy to flash esphome/tasmota

Gotta assume somebody has already tried and failed. I keep hearing to just use the BT because the WiFi is a no go

It’s because WiFi only works with setup via the Govee App, and actually adding it to HA only works via BT. I had this issue with mine when I first got it and was setting it up until I used a generic BT adapter with my instance then it came up.

I have recently setup a GL-S200 that is acting as my thread border router and it has the option of BT over MQTT so I am trying to work on the latter to see how it works for setup and management once I have more devices that I can just play with that need BT to connect and work.

I have a Proxmox server in a cupboard a fair distance away from the garage. Will using the BT proxy allow me to keep the server where it is and just have the ESP32 in the garage? The Govee is also in the garage.

That’s pretty cool. Are there any limitations to how many BT devices the proxy can handle?

Damn that installation was about the most streamlined thing I’ve ever done. Kudos to whoever made that experience. What’s an iBeacon? The Govee has already popped up in HA.

Thanks for the recommendation!

BT proxies are usually limited to 3 devices at any given time but the connections should rotate in and out fast enough to not be a problem in most setups and yes since they are used via WiFi you can place it anywhere you have your connection reach.

iBeacons are Apples BLE trackers.

Thanks a lot. If I ever run into that limitation I guess there will be programmatic ways to stagger the posting of data from various devices. Cheers!

Looks like everything is working for it to be seen via my GL-S200 but now I just need to work out how to connect it and pass that through into HA as I have it all connected to MQTT.

Documentation for this on the product help page is lacking on actual use for the S200. (I will def have to get a BT based device that I can put into pairing mode to sanity check things are working due to how this one is setup to connect.)