Govee integration

Got the Govee H6099 and there is no setting for controlling this over LAN control but, to be honest, my H6008 bulbs, either, but I can control all aspects of them.

I was hoping to be able to do cool things like when a movie is playing on my Plex server, I can turn on the movie program on that H6099 and when I turn that TV off, it automatically turns off the H6099. Then as part of my alarm/fire/CO2 setup, I was hoping to be able to use the lights to be solid colors to match what is going on in my home.

I am using Govee to MQTT and I do not have different options. I would have to use the app to do this. Any suggestions?

Elves must have come through last night and did a little programming. The only thing I cannot find is the way to turn on the video option for that and the Movie Watching DreamView 1 for the additional lights. I checked and they are not options in the Effect section.

Just got a pair of H6078s - one has hardware version 2.00.20 with no LAN control, and the other has version 2.05.08 with LAN control - ordered at the exact same time within the same order on Amazon. I also have no pending firmware updates either.

Anyone know the best way to contact Govee support about this, or am I going to have to return it? (Really not looking forward to disassembling a 5-foot-tall lamp…)

I’m a bit confused. I think I’ve set up Govee2mqtt properly, and I see all of the scenes in the state attributes for my Floor Lamp 2 (h607c). I’m confused as how to enable them. When I go to the device page I see a bung of Segments, a ‘Dream View’ and ‘Gradient’ toggle, but none them seem to change anything on the lamp, only the power switch does. Any help on how I can control the colors, and especially the scenes would be greatly appreciated.

Try clicking on “Living Room Floor Lamp”(not the switch) and a new card should pop up with the options your looking for?

Did you ever get this working? I just bought this model, H7052. Connects with Govee app fine but not HA.

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Yes, I had to make sure that no other devices were using my govee API key. Then I waited for a bit, and tried again. For some reason it took a couple of times even though I entered the same API key and use/pass, I got returned with “invalid username and password” for a while. Eventually it started working, and then populating. It works beautifully now

That works. I swear I tried that before I posted and it wasn’t working, but maybe I clicked on the toggle. Thanks for the tip @Kev1 !