Graph from midnight to midnight instead of last 24 hrs?

Hi there,

i’m wondering if there is any chance to get a history graph showing the data of the actual day from 00:00 to 23:59 intead of the last 24 hours rolling?
I mostly use the custom:mini-graph-card, but the HA-graphs would be good as well.
I picture a graph starting and ending at 00:00 and filling from left to right throughout the day, next day it starts over…

Am i just to blind to find something like this or is it really non existent?


should be possible with Apexcharts:

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Oh, i wasn’t aware of this. I will definitely look into this.
Thanks for pointing that out. :+1:

Thank you, after deep diving into it (and blown away by the sheer count of options), i got it. :slight_smile: :+1:

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Pls. show how you got it.

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Did you check out the docs for the custom cards? The card covers this in the examples.

Ups. Misunderstood the question above.

What I was interested in is kind of total energy consumption per 24 h; with one bar per 24 h starting a 0 o’clock and summarising the actual consumption per day or if the sensor does the overall total, extracts the consumption of one day.

IIRC all the energy stuff does that. You should look into energy.

Did so, but energy does not offer any sensors.
I have only two sensors reporting energy consumption. Both are plugs connected to my homee, which I import via the homee integration. Both show the energy consumption as attribut with kwh as unit.
I found that the unit has to be kWh, but I have no idea how to change that, because I just used the configuration UI and that hasn’t asked that…
And adding/changing that in the customize.yaml also did not let the sensor appear.

Although I missunderstood the question…
For those who might be interested: That’s my solution for a per day consumption graph:

type: custom:apexcharts-card
graph_span: 28d
  start: day
  offset: '-27d'
  - entity: sensor.kaffeebar_verbrauch_summiert
    name: Verbrauch
    type: column
      func: delta
      duration: 1d
      datalabels: false
    extend_to_end: true
    float_precision: 2
  show: true
  title: Verbrauch Kaffeebar pro Tag
  show_states: true
  colorize_states: true
  - align_to: 0.25
    decimals: 2
      tickAmount: 5
      format: ddd dd:MM
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Thank you a LOT! :slight_smile:

Hi, were you able to include the time range using the mini-graph-card?