Graphing question

I’ve tried both History Graph and Mini Graph and am having difficulty achieving what I want.

I’d like to create a single graph of 2 data feeds (primary and secondary Y axis) across time.

One data feed is temperature, with a small range of 50-110 degrees F.

The second feed is watts, with a range of 0-10000.

When I use the History Graph Card, I get this:

When I use the Mini Graph Card, I get this:


That is, I can’t figure out how to combine the data feeds onto a single graph using History Graph Card, and I can’t figure out how to show the graph lines and identifying graph line values using Mini Graph Card.

Thanks very much!

Core graphs only have one axis so only sensors with the same unit can be shown together.

Mini-graph is more a trend, it does not have those details.

What you want is Apexcharts. It’s way more advanced than the min-graph card.

Wow, that looks great!

Any suggestions on how to fix the different y-axis scales?

Thank you!

You probably need the multi y-axis: