GridConnect Integration

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Grid Connect is an Australian smart home automation system and app.

Would be great if this could be integrated.

You can flash these devices with alternative firmware that works with HA. See:

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You also have the option of rather than pairing with the Grid Connect app, download the TuyaSmart app and pair all your devices to that. The Grid Connect app is just a rebadged TuyaSmart app. Everything will work exactly the same and there is already a Tuya Integration available for Home Assistant(no sensor or camera support currently).

Even though utilizing the Tuya Platform the Smart Life App is more buggy, less responsive than gridconnect app.

Any updates?

Doesn’t appear as though anything works for my Arlec Grid Connect Outlet.

Thank’s for the tips. I was able to install the Truya android app and link 3 Arlec 4 port wifi powerboards to it and then intstall Truya in HA. Everything is working great!

To get the Truya app to link , you need to press the power button on the powerboard for 5 seconds so the LED flashes fast and then 5 seconds again and LED will flash slow. Then in the Truya APP add a device, select “Power Strip (wifi)”, hit next and then select “EZ Mode” from the top right. Select AP Mode. Hit next and confirm. Then on the next screen it will ask you to connect your mobile to the Grid Wifi AP. Connect and go back to the app and then select continue (tiny text underneath
Reconenct). As soon as you do this the LED on the Arlec will turn off. Wait for about a minute and it will add it to Truya.

Hey I’m new to HA, but I’ve had some of the Arlec dimmable light/ceiling fans for about six months now, and I’ve been controlling them all this time with the Grid Connect app.

Do you know if I need to un-pair devices from Grid Connect first? I put the fans in pairing modes and paired them with the TuyaSmart app, but it almost seems to be a shortcut within the TuyaSmart app straight to Grid Connect, and when I start following the instructions on the Tuya integrations page I linked the app acct but none of my devices showed up.

Do I need to factory reset the fans or un-pair them from Grid Connect or something like that?

OK, so I have a number of Arlec “Grid Connect” devices, and I have to admit I’ve never used them with the Grid Connect app. When I click on one of them in the Smart Life app, it shows up with the Arlec branding so maybe that’s what you mean. Basically, Grid Connect is Tuya with a different skin, so I suspect what you are seeing is normal.

Firstly: Maybe you are looking at the wrong data centre? For me (also Australia) all my devices are in Central Europe. Make sure you can see them in first.

Secondly: Not all devices are currently supported by the integration, and this might be the case with you even though it claims to support fans (Tuya - Home Assistant). This was also the case with the old integration, although it did seem to support a few more things. In my case, for example, I’ve lost access to some motion sensor flood lights. The good news though is that this new integration is officially supported by Tuya, and they do plan to bring more devices in over time.

I believe this space will get exciting as the recent 2021.10 HA release integrates Tuya v2 integration: The New TUYA Home Assistant Integration (FULL SETUP) - YouTube

Which hopefully translates into HA’s support to all GRID connect products. If this is the case then HA will gain a major step into Australia smart home market through Bunnings selling GRID connect products.

I’m yet to play around with GRID connect via Tuya but will be willing to give it a try once I upgrade my HA to 2021.10!